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Music Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 a type of popular music with a strong, loud beat
4 pipe-shaped musical instruments that are played by blowing
9 a group of people who sing together
12 the act of doing or performing something
14 a person who writes music
15 a wooden musical instrument that is held vertically between the legs
16 a large group of musicians
17 a musical instrument that is played by blowing through a reed
19 directs the performance of musicians
21 a group of musicians who play modern music together
22 a musical instrument that often seen with a kilt
24 a piece of music in three or four parts
25 a type of modern music originally developed by African-Americans
26 a musical instrument with a keyboard
27 a person who is extremely skilled at playing an instrument
28 a performance of music or poetry, usually given by one person or a small group
2 a performance of music by one or more musicians or singers
3 a long piece of music for an orchestra, usually with four movements
5 the group of instruments that are played with a bow or with the fingers
6 a group of five people who play musical instruments
7 a curved metal musical instrument
8 a musical instrument consisting of a tube commonly curved once or twice around
10 the action of entertaining other people
11 a musician who performs a solo
13 a formal play in which all or most of the words are sung
18 an instrument with four strings that is held against the neck
20 a tube-shaped musical instrument that is played by blowing
21 they made of metal and played by blowing
23 a recording of several pieces of music
29 one of several songs or pieces of music on a CD
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