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Nazi Germany Crossword Puzzle

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Nazi Germany

Solve the puzzle good luck.

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Across Down
2 the systematic extermination of millions of European Jews, as well as Romans, Slavs, intellectuals, homosexuals, and political dissidents, by the Nazis and their allies during World War II.
4 organization founded after WWII to promote international peace and cooperation
5 camps used under the rule of Hitler in Nazi Germany for the purpose of killing prisoners immediately.
6 a single party and leader who suppress all opposition and control all aspects of people's lives
7 Political leader who rules a country with absolute power, usually by force
8 the countries fighting against the Axis powers. i.e. Britain, France, USA, Canada, USSR etc
11 leader of nazi party and third reich in germany during WWII
12 policies, views, or actions that harm or discriminate against Jews
13 The doctrines of nationalism, racial purity, anti-Communism, and the all-powerful role of the State. The National Socialist German Workers Party, otherwise known as the Nazi Party. Nazism was advocated by Adolf Hitler in Germany.
15 germany, italy, and japan
1 Taking items that are in short supply and distributing them according to a system. For instance, during World War II, gas, sugar, and butter were a few of the items rationed in the United States.
3 prison camps used under the rule of Hitler in Nazi Germany. Conditions were inhuman, and prisoners, mostly Jewish people, were generally starved or worked to death, or killed immediately.
9 military blockade
10 June 6, 1944, the day on which Allied forces landed in Normandy, France to begin a massive offensive against the Germans in the occupied territory of Europe.
14 Wiping out an entire group of people
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