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History Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
English Revolution The second colony and became a heaven of religious freedom. most commonly known as the brave Indian Disney princess. a person who has journeyed to a place for religious reason. the acceptance of a certain body of religious knowledge. a unfermented drink made by crushing fruit, usually apples. Older Children
The Civil War (1862) an order issued by President Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves in areas rebelling against the Union; took effect January 1, 1863.. He wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, which led to the eventual freeing of slaves in the south. . Act passed in 1854 that created Kansas and Nebraska territories and abolished the Missouri Compromise by allowing states to determine whether slavery would be permitted in new regions.. Includes California admitted as a free state, the Fugitive Slave Act, Made popular sovereignty in most other countries from Mexican- American War. President of the Confederate States of America. He was a member of the Democratic Party; he represented Mississippi in the United States Senate and the House of Representatives before the Civil War. . Older Children
1912 Turkey cedes Libya to Italy, as long as Italy removes forces from where? . Dr. Gaston Odin of Paris claims he has isolated and grown 'the' microbe that causes cancer. His next step is to make a ______________. What is Morocco's official status a 'French ___________'. Britain controls Sudan and builds a railroad along the. Former Pres of Princeton University. He also wrote The Constitutional Government of the United States . Hard
Age of Exploration Made By: Ava Harrison An instrument used to plan a course using the stars. An instrument that shows the direction of magnetic north. A large farm. A sea passage along the northern coast of North America in search of a more direct route to Asia. A point of land that sticks out into water, much like a penninsula. Hard
The Umbrella Man to attract somebody or make somebody want to do or have something, even if they know it is wrong. to hold something tightly in your hand. terrible. a situation that may lead to punishment. the money that you pay to travel by bus, plane, taxi, etc.. Hard
Revolutionary War Treaty signed with the US, Spain, France, and Britain present. Granted the US full independence.. General Washington crossed the Delaware River to catch to the British of the guard. . It was because of his strong leadership that the Continental Army was able to compete with Britain, despite it lacking the proper training or supplies.. Established due to the colonists' persistence in their common goal of Independence.. It was after this battle that France signed the Treaty of Alliance, agreeing to remain enemies with Britain until the US gained Independence.. Older Children
Vikings: People and Places Have fun! King Alfred fled here when the Norsemen occupied Wessex. The only Kingdom in England that was taken over by the Norsemen. The youngest son of Ragnar Lodbrok . Lady of the Mercians and Daughter of Alfred. The Kingdoms of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Hard
The Gold Rush Fill in the words A technique used by miners to find gold in streams by putting water and sand down a rocker.. A Victorian city where James Scobie died in the Eureka Hotel. Time between first finding of gold and 1855. A technique used by miners to find gold by digging a shaft 1m by 1m. A technique used by miners to find gold in streams by swishing a pan around. Older Children
The French Revolution and Empire The belief that a monarch is subject to no Earthly authority, deriving his ruling from the will of God. The removal of government, usually through violent means. Name of French Legislature during the French Revolution. A wave of peasant riots and violence. Period where a series of massacres and public executions took place. Hard
The 1920s Influential people and events that marked the fabulous era of the 20s French automobile manufacturer founded in 1919. 'Charles _' Made the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight.. Dance craze of the 20s. Law that made the US a dry state. This Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb was found.. Very Difficult
Egypt large stone statues that have the heads of a man, rams, or hawks and the body of a lion. Egyptian kings. cloth used for mummification. the strange writing of the Egyptian . the study of the debris and ruins of other cultures. Hard
The Origins of the Cold War 1941-1958 When Churchill said this existed to seperate the USSR and the rest of Europe (4,7). This is when one person is fully in charge of everything in a country, they are a ... (8). Set up in 1949, also known as the North Altantic Treaty Organisation (4). Ths UK is this type of government - money based (10). Early Russian leader, first name Josef (6). Big
New World Beginnings Use your knowledge of the content and your notes to fill out the crossword below. The Americas were nicknamed the 'New World' and Europe was nicknamed this. The land bridge went from this location to North America. This type of farming involved corn, beans, and squash. Interpreter for Cortes. Spanish explorers sent to find gold and Christianize natives. Hard
World History American Civil Rights Activist well-known for her refusal to sit at the back of a racially segregated bus.. Famous Russian Revolutionary assassinated in Mexico.. Leader of the Communist Revolution in Cuba.. The act of giving up sovereign power, especially by a Monarch.. Russia's 'White House'.. Very Difficult
Sepsis Awareness Notify the __ of a positive sepsis screen. Type of antibiotic ordered for sepsis. People aged ___ ___ and over are at increased risk for sepsis.. Indicator of perfusion. Hypotension that does not respond to IV fluid resuscitation. Hard
King Arthur Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places An Enchantress Who Lived under a lake . The Sword In The Stone. Son of Sir Lancelot. Arthur's Brother. Nephew of Arthur. Big
Ancient China Another word for a Chinese king. A major ancient Chinese religion. Most spoken language in China. Ancient healing practice using needles . Chinese writing is known as . Hard
World History Bus boycott and American Civil Rights Activist. Leader of Communist Revolution in Cuba. Russian Revolutionary. The act of giving up sovereign power, especially by a Monarch.. The German State from 1918 -1933. Very Difficult
Introduction to History letters used to show years before year 1 (2). evidence produced after the event (9). 10 years (6). word for a source of evidence that is one-sided (6). a visual line to record important events in history (8). Big
All About Winston! Test your Knowledge of Winston Churchill Churchill's sovereign's name in 1945. Churchill was Prime Minister of this country. Churchill's wife's first name . Churchill's speech: 'We shall fight on the beaches...We shall never...'. Churchill's party from 1940 to 1955 . Older Children
History Timeline In 1797, George Washington returns home to where?. Who founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630?. Lewis and Clark reach what ocean in 1805?. Where did the First Continental Congress meet in 1774?. Who warned the colonists that the British were coming in 1775?. Big
The Beginning of Civilization Paleolithic people invented the __________ and the bow and arrow.. The first modern humans appeared in ________ .. The first civilizations started in the ________ ________ of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China.. __________ use artifacts and remains of ancient humans to learn about culture. . In present-day _______, people raised beans, squash, and corn.. Big
Albert Einstein What childhood gift Einstein received that intrigued him to study science on his own?. What is the first name of Einstein’s first love? . Which country was Einstein born in? . What was Einstein’s heritage? . What is the name of Einstein’s first son? . Big
Black Death one way plague was spread. another carrier of the plague. a spirit escaping from these was thought to be a cause of the plague. this facility diagnoses the plague. one carrier of the plague. Hard
The 1940s Harry S. He followed FDR as president.. Song by the Andrews Sisters 'Don't Sit Under the ______Tree'. Boogie Woogie _______ Boy of Company B. 'In the Mood' was just one of this bandleader's many hits. . Another word for money. Hard
Ethical History and Philospthers 500 B.C to A.D. 1500. Emphasized human feelings and desires. a group of teachers. built upon Socrates teachings. made sharp distinctions between natural and unnatural pleasures. Big
Americans Move West Factors which make another place sound attractive so people want to go there. The earliest settlers who moved west to live in California or Oregon. Second leader of the Mormons. Term to describe what the American settlers felt was their god given right to settle in the west. Settlers who built farms on the Plains . Big
Medieval Life Complete this crossword about life in the Medieval Period! A Gothic Church. Coat of Arms. ye olde. A place to defend people. A movable walkway. Big
Industrial Revolution statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it.. A person who starts up and takes on the risk of a business. a method of production in which tasks are done by individuals in their rural homes. A period of rapid growth in the use of machines in manufacturing and production that began in the mid-1700s. Unprocessed natural products used in production. Hard
The New England Colonies Vocabulary & Important People a product that leaves the country. she was expelled from Massachusetts for questioning the teachings of the church and holding her own religious meetings. to force to leave. a product brought into a country. the journey millions of enslaved Africans were forced to travel across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to the West Indies. Big
Why Did the US Economy Grow 1890-1920? company who bought up 75% of new found ore. the city where chinese/japanese people arrived into. what role did immigrants have during strikes?. the name of one of the biggest oil gushers ever discovered. by 1913 which industry had increased its production by 400%?. Hard
Founding of Rome iron spear. one of the first farming people to settle in central Italy. island at the toe of Italy. system that gave some conquered people, especially Latins, full Roman citizenship. to get as one's own. Hard
The Great Society The 1960 presidential debates were the first to be broadcast on __________.. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that investigated Kennedy's assassination. The US agreed to remove missiles from ________ if the missiles were taken out of Cuba. The man charged with assassinating President Kennedy. This country was responsible for placing missiles in Cuba and directing them at the US. Hard
Middle Ages Someone who provides the king with Knights.. Where you would go if you were good to the church.. What happens when you disobay the law.. An illness that killed 1,000s of people.. Someone who is engarge of a vast number of churches.. Big
Roaring Twenties crops grown form profit. setting of the Tulsa Race Riot. a temporary use of military rule. pilots who gave airplane stunt rides . America's favorite son and radio personality. Hard
World History A type of religious work of art. Usually were paintings in Easter Catholic churches to tell a story. . allowed religious toleration. Signed by King Henry VI to give Calvinists rights. . When Augustus was emperor of Roman Empire. Means roman peace, when Rome was stable and calm. . This empire defeated the Assyrians. They ruled and governed the fertile crescent. King Nebuchadnezzar.. Leadership of this leader is called Golden Age of Athens. He built the Parthenon. Caused many Athenians to die because of in pelpoponnesian war. . Hard
Cuban Revolution the leader of the Cuban revolution. state of being extremely poor. president of Cuba during the revolution. a ruler with total power over a country. ___ and education increased after the revolution. Big
Ottoman Empire Ottoman territory annexed by Austria-Hungary. Led a revolt against the sultan to inspire reforms. A term to describe the Ottoman Empire as one with many different people groups. These focused on religious devotion and behaviors. Group persecuted and systematically killed by the Ottoman Empire. Hard
Civil Rights Movement A project where a group of people would get in a bus and ride to the south to test states and see if they allow segregation on buses. . Rights given to the United State citizens , to protect the constitution. . Protest where members would sit somewhere like restaurants and refuse to move until they have met their goal of getting served,”to end racial barriers” and protesting segregation of public places. . Treat someone differently based on sex, race, religion. . One of the first African American Man to go to the University of Mississippi. . Big
World War II Use your textbook, study guide and goal sheet to complete the puzzle. The alliance formed by the U.S., Britain, France, Soviet Union and China.. During this conference, Stalin agreed to declare war against Japan within 3 months of Germany's defeat.. The first sea battle fougt by air planes launched from carriers.. In addition to oil fields, why was it critical to stop the Axis advance to Egypt?. First African American pilots trained by the military dubbed the ____________ Experience.. Hard
Indian Rebellion of 1857 ___ Pandey was a soldier at Barrackpore who refused to bite the rifle cartridge.. ___ was the queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at the time.. A ruler exercising authority in a colony on behalf of a sovereign.. A severe uprising occurred here on May 30th.. An Indian officer in the British Indian Army.. Hard
Civil RIghts Movement Tests that African Americans would take to see if they were able to vote even though they were very difficult. The African American lawyer for the Brown family as they went though the Brown v. Board case. I form of peaceful protest mostly used to desegregate restaurants . The First African American student to graduate from Central High in Arkansas . The summer of 1964 when northern students helped African American people in the south gain their right to vote.. Older Children
Vikings for speedy getaways. this is our class topic. to attack people. goddess of love and death. to scare you. Big
The Colonies VS The British Wrote Common Sense to help give a reason to the people to rebel against the British.. What kind of spending would be called in which you spend money which in turn increases the debt?. The British government.. What did England think of the ones who left to the colonies initially?. This was dumped in the Boston Harbor in Protest of the British lowering its price.. Older Children
Teachers In The Colonial powder that remains after burning. in your chimney . penalty . school. work. Big
The Middle Ages in the Iberian Peninsula Catalan adn Aragonese mercenaries. Muslims who lived in the Christian Kingdoms. a group of trusted people who accompanied the monarch. name of the king of the Christians. It is said he defeated the Muslims in Covadonga Battle. Last Muslim Kingdom in Iberian Peninsula. Hard
Imperialism and WWI a toy marble made of marble, alabaster, or glass.. a US infantryman, especially one in World War I.. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was an American statesman, author, explorer, soldier, naturalist, and reformer who served as the 26th President of the United States from 1901 to 1909.. a temporary suspension of hostilities by agreement of the warring parties; truce:. The Spanish–American War was a conflict fought between Spain and the United States in 1898. Hostilities began in the aftermath of the internal explosion of the USS Maine in Havana harbor in Cuba. Hard
Africa-Era of Independence find the word that fits the description!! The ruler of Egypt after Gamal Abdel Nasser; tried to get rid of state programs that cost too much. In 1952, took control in Egypt after a military takeover; ratified land reforms and used state materials to shrink unemployment. South African authority figure who was in prison for a long time; a part of African National Congress; he worked with ANC leadership & de Klerk's followers. Opposed apartheid; organizer of Black Consciousness movement in South Africa; killed in police custody. An African American political administration that wanted policies of apartheid to end. Hard
Rise of the Dictators Fascist leader of Italy. Symbol of Nazi Germany worn on uniformas and on flags. Soviet Prison camps. Race of people targeted on Nigh of the Broken Glass in Germany. National Sonazi. Hard
Ancient Greece's Cultural Impact something handed down from one generation to the next. any person who has rights granted by the government, such as landowner and voting. a type of government where all the citizen vote directly on all governmental decisions. a Greek philosopher credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy.. Great military commander. Spread Greek culture across large areas of Asia. Hard
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