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Psychology Crossword Puzzle

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2 The part of a neuron where chemicals are transmitted to an adjacent neuron.
6 The process in which the behaviour of a person or animal is modified.
7 A branch of the central nervous system which controls involuntary body functions.
8 A pathological false belief.
9 A personality disorder in which a person shows excessive emotion and attention-seeking behaviour.
13 A personality trait, in which a person's mental energy is primarily inward-focused.
15 A defence mechanism in which a person subconsciously denies their own feelings and instead places them onto other people.
17 A developmental disorder characterised by impaired social skills and communication, along with repetitive behaviour.
18 The outcome of a behaviour that generally leads an individual to repeat the behaviour.
19 Abbreviation for the most commonly prescribed type of anti-depressent.
20 The founding father of psychoanalysis.
1 Some psychologists believe that an individual can only be scientifically studied by observing this.
3 According to Freud, this is the organised part of our personality, responsible for reason and defense mechanisms.
4 A branch of psychology that focuses on mental processes including ideas, thoughts, and perceptions.
5 The first neurotransmitter ever to be identified, responsible for activating muscle and sweat glands.
10 A cell that processes and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals.
11 A neurotransmitter responsible for cognition, motivation, reward, and voluntary movement.
12 A mood disorder in which a person experiences disruptive mood swings.
14 The process in which neurotransmitters are absorbed back into the pre-synaptic neuron.
16 A group of symptoms in schizophrenia which include flat emotion, interrupted thought processes, and lack of speech or social skills.
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