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Across Down
3 Where does Michaelle work now
6 Town where the newlyweds got married
8 Musical instrument played by Annie
10 Name of Dave's godson
12 Place where Michaelle and Dave first met
14 Name of Dave and Michaelle's dog
15 Dave prefers his wine from a . . .
16 Book Michaelle's dad would recite to her and her brothers when they were children (two words)
18 Hockey league Justin and Dave first played together in? (Two words)
19 Month Dave was born
20 Town halfway between Airdrie, AB, and Prince Albert, SK
21 What TV genre do both the bride and groom's parents enjoy?
22 Michaelle and Dave have ____ cats
23 Street Dave grew up on
24 Michaelle's most recent university degree
25 An historic house where Michaelle once worked
28 Michaelle's favourite flower
29 Michaelle has ____ siblings
30 Dave has been to ____ continents
31 Musical instrument played by Emily
1 _________ is what brings us together today.
2 What's for dessert today?
4 How long have Justin and Dave known each other
5 Dave's profession
7 Month Michaelle was born
9 Which of the newlyweds is older?
11 My name is Inigo Montoya, you kill my ______, prepare to die
13 Who made dessert? (Four words)
17 Town Dave's dad was born in
26 Country Dave's mom was born in
27 Number of years between Dave and his brother, Phil
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