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The Aftermath OF Wwi Crossword Puzzle

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The Aftermath of WWI

Complete the crossword below.

                        1             2            
      5             6                              
Across Down
6 Created suburbs, better roadways, and new jobs
7 Popular author during the times of Harlem Renaissance, used rhythms of African American music to write poems. Wrote poems and novels about black pride.
8 Upper class and the rich people of the society that got rich from proletariat
9 Assembly line, made creating things in factories much easier.
10 Songwriter and ragtime composer, from Russia. 'White Christmas' 'Check to Check'
12 helped the performing arts to expand, created new jobs, actors
13 Influential Jazz musician who was a trumpet player, singer, and comedia
15 created stations, connected Americans through music, stories, sporting, events, and news.
1 restricted immigration, was made due to Red scare and American fear of Communism.
2 The effect of Communism, an uprise of industrial workers wanting/demanding higher wages.
3 Working class and lower classes of society, wanted more wage from rich.
4 After Great Migration this was the period of African American culture rising. Black Music, dance, literature, and visual arts.
5 Created the idea of an assembly line, cause of mass production, wanted every one to have a chance to have an normal American life.
11 Famous and popular music center located in New York
14 Originated in South. First true American music, famous musicians of the genre: Louis Armstrong, King Oliver.
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