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The French Revolution And Empire Crossword Puzzle

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The French Revolution and Empire

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Across Down
2 King of France before the French Revolution
6 During this meeting, the objective was to provide a long term peace deal among European nations
7 Known as Madame Deficit
8 A social and political system in which land owners provide land to tenants in exchange for loyalty and service
10 The final defeat of Napoleon
11 Author of The Social Contract, who advocated that governments rightfully rule only through the will of the people
12 A legislative body made up of members of all three estates
13 A wave of peasant riots and violence
14 A series of wars intended to grow the French Empire throughout Europe
15 This set of laws embodied Enlightenment principles while simultaneously limiting individual rights
17 Name of French Legislature during the French Revolution
18 Legislative body made up of nobles
19 French Emperor
20 Legislative body made up of commoners
23 The Third Estate would 'not separate and to reassemble whenever the circumstances require, until the Constitution of the Kingdom is established'
25 A form of government in which one person is head of state. His powers con vary depending on the nation
1 Period where a series of massacres and public executions took place
3 Leader of the Committee of Public Safety during the Reign of Terror
4 A political club that represented the middle class and wanted to integrate republican principles in France's government
5 The removal of government, usually through violent means
6 Their duty was to protect the New Republic against foreign attacks and internal rebellion
9 The Declaration of ___________ was a document with 17 articles that outlined mans' rights
16 Intellectual and philosophical movement during the 17th and 18th centuries
21 The belief that a monarch is subject to no Earthly authority, deriving his ruling from the will of God
22 A device used to execute by beheading
24 Legislative body made up of clergymen/church officials
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