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Vietnam War Part 2 Crossword Puzzle

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Vietnam War Part 2

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Across Down
1 According to Herring, the Communist Easter Offensive was to prove Vietnamization a____________
3 The Nixon Administration’s relationship with the Soviets is called ____________________________________
8 The Act that Restricted the Presidents power to wage war passed over Nixon’s Veto was the __________ Act
10 During the 1968 Democratic Convention held in Chicago, as the delegates spoke, the youth outside________
12 On January 26, 1971 Charles Manson, even though he did not kill Sharon Tate, was convicted of _________
13 Jerry Rubin was a member of the Youth International Party, better known as the _______________________
16 President Nixon’s Secretary of State for most of the war who also was NSC Chief was_________________
17 Student statements of the sixties included Groovy, Far Out, Make Love Not War and ____________________
21 During raids from December 18 to December 30th, the United States dropped____________ tons of bombs
22 There were over 2000 ______________________________to end the Vietnam Conflict
24 Nixon ordered the Christmas Bombing of 1972 targeting sites North of the ________________
26 Lieutenant William L. Calley was convicted of murder for actions in Vietnam at ____________________
27 On June 17, 1972 members of Nixon’s campaign re-election inner circle broke into the___________________
29 According to Herring, blame for the escalation of the Vietnam Conflict is placed on the _________________
30 Daniel Ellsberg, the compiler of the Pentagon Papers was a employee of the____________________________
31 The signers of the Paris Peace Accords, 1972 were USSR, US, Vietnam and ___________________________
32 To support his efforts for an honorable peace in Vietnam Nixon called on the ______________________
33 Students demonstrated in 1969 calling for a ________________________ for the US involvement in Vietnam
35 The government plan to lessen and end the protest against the US involvement in Vietnam was__________
38 Henry Kissinger, then a Harvard Professor, developed a plan to win in Vietnam called _________________
40 The division of US Soldiers involved in the My Lai Massacre were members of the ______________division
42 In a 6-3 vote, the Supreme Court ruled in 1971 that the______________________________ could be printed
45 The Legacy of Vietnam proved the Domino Theory of the Truman/Eisenhower Era was___________
46 US Citizens that opposed the war in Vietnam were called __________________________________________
47 The Khmer Rouge were Communist Guerrillas working mostly in ____________________________________
48 On April 30, 1975 the South Vietnamese surrendered to the ______________________________________
1 Enlisted personnel that protested the war in Vietnam that made national news were called the___________
2 The Marines at Khe Sanh held under siege for _____________________________days
4 Jerry Garcia was lead singer for the rock group known for drugs and far out performances called_________
5 The Berkeley Barb was an underground __________________________________________________________
6 In 1972 Nixon ordered a blockade of North Vietnamese Ports and the bombing of northern_____________
7 The Houston Plan designed by the government called for Spying on__________________________________
9 The Woodstock Rock Festival was held on a farm in the state of ______________________________________
11 College students and other partakers of psychedelic enhancements during the sixties preferred __________
14 Four College students were killed by Ohio National Guard during a protest at ______________________
15 After visiting China in February, Nixon in May of 1972, visited the ___________________________________
18 At best the Nixon Administration’s policy in Vietnam could be considered__________________
19 President Nixon’s Secretary of Defense until 1973 was____________________________________________
20 Nixon’s Vice-President who was forced to resign because of Kickbacks and Tax evasion was______________
23 Kissinger traveled to _____________ for the peace talks to end the War in Vietnam
25 President Nixon’s Policy toward the Vietnam Conflict was called ___________________________________
28 The last American ground troops left __________ on March 29, 1973
34 According to Herring, blame for America’s withdrawal is placed on the US ___________________________
36 During the Vietnam era, the Counterculture referred to the __________________________________________
37 The Administration at the University of California-Berkeley was accused of destroying student’s __________
39 The Special Prosecutor at the beginning of Watergate was___________________________________________
41 On January 27, 1973, US involvement in Vietnam ended with the signing of a ____________ Agreement
43 One of greatest boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali was _________________to US involvement in Vietnam
44 In 1967 Johnson persuaded Congress to pass a tax on taxes to pay for Vietnam called the _______________
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