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World Religions Intro Crossword Puzzle

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World Religions Intro

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Across Down
5 holy book for muslims (follower of Islam)
6 Lay out the basic beliefs for Buddhism, describe that you will suffer in life and you will reach Nirvana once you stop wanting things
7 Given to Moses. Set of Moral Codes and laws for Jews and Christians (thou shall not kill, steal, curse God etc.)
9 The belief that one's soul comes back many times in the form of a new body
10 belief in many gods
12 Former Hindu prince, founder of Buddhism
14 A religion that formed from Judaism. A monotheistic religion that believes Jesus is the son of God.
15 Oldest monotheistic religion in the world.
16 The belief that one's actions affect people's current and next life both positively and negatively
17 belief in one god
1 Religion that focuses on the great spirit Brahma and one's duty (dharma) to society, many gods,
2 In terms of followers, Islam is the _________ largest religion in the world
3 In terms of followers, Christianity is the ________ largest religion in the world
4 Christians believe that _______ is both god and the son of god
6 Moral code and laws for Muslims to follow. Includes statement of faith, giving to the poor, trip to Mecca, daily prayer, and fasting during Ramadan
8 In terms of followers, Hinduism is the _______ largest religion in the world
11 Nirvana is a _________ belief
13 final prophet of Islam
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