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World War I Crossword Puzzle

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World War I

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Across Down
5 A neutral country located under Spain.
11 Attempt by Germany to get Mexico in the war.
17 Only major engagement of WWI.
18 Leader of Italy During WWI.
19 The leader of Great Britian during WWI.
20 Ship that was sunk by Germany which brought the U.S. closer to entering WWI.
22 This ended the war between Russia and the Central Powers.
23 The German fleet of ships.
24 Political leader of France during WWI, but not the president.
28 This man's death set off a chair reaction which lead to the outbreak of WWI.
29 This country sent ultimatums to Serbia.
32 Top German Commander of WWI.
34 The name for the powers who fought against the Central Powers.
35 Austria's foreign minister.
39 Had a mustrust and conflict with Germany.
40 The battle which witnessed the first use of modern tanks.
41 The longest battle of WWI.
42 A country located near Swedan which was neutral.
43 One of the three countries which was part of the Triple Alliance.
1 British general of British troops in France during WWI.
2 American Presdient during WWI.
3 This type of battle used barbe wire and caused 'Trench Foot.'
4 President of France during WWI.
6 One of the five trends of WWI.
7 Russia, France and Great Britain are apart of this alliance.
8 The name given to Great Britain's navy.
9 German chancellor during WWI; he favored war.
10 This battle was the first to see the use of chemical weapons.
12 Commander fo the American troops in Europe during WWI.
13 Self-determination by countries.
14 Declared war on Germany joining the allied forces.
15 Not a member of the Triple Entente.
16 French Commander during WWI.
21 Type of masks used by foot soldiers.
25 This battle was the last 'open' battle of the Western Front.
26 King of Germany during WWI.
27 A six letter country that was part of the Triple Entente.
30 The German plan fo totally destroying French forces.
31 Declared war on Russia.One of the five trends of WWI.
33 Assassinated the Archduke Francis Ferdinand.
36 This was a type of warfare the almost banished because of the new weapon technology.
37 These were used to drop bombs on the enemy as well as find out where the enemy was.
38 The truce between Germany and France.
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