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World War Two Crossword Puzzle

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World War Two

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Across Down
3 The Leader of Japan.
4 These people developed a code based on Navajo language to send information to the allies
5 The Two decisions, to step up bombing in Germany,and to attack Sicily, were made at this conference.
6 The US army general who was commander in the Pacific.
7 This was the conference in which the decision to use the atom bomb was made.
8 The invasion of France to drive the Germans out. (Invasion of D-day)
10 The turning point in which the US stopped Japanese advancement.
11 On may 5th, this day was a victory in Europe.
16 The Japanese commander of the navel fleet.
20 This order prevented discrimination on the basis of race or creed for government or defense jobs
22 Okinawa and __________ were the two key Japanese islands captured by the US in Feb and June of 1945.
23 Along with the US, Great Britain, France, and Russia, this country made up the Security Council of the UN.
24 This city was liberated from the Germans on Aug 25, 1944.
25 The first objective of the war was to defeat ____________.
1 People grew their own crops in these, to save food for soldiers in war.
2 This general was in charge of the British Military.
9 Director of the WAAC's
12 Along with general Dwight D. Eisenhower, this general was in charge of the American campaign.
13 Jellied gasoline
14 This country fought against the US in the Pacific campaign.
15 A movement which benefitted many African Americans, as they moved from the south for employment opportunities,when men left for war.
17 This organization had the job of stabilizing prices and wages in order to keep inflation down.
18 General MacArthur succeeded in capturing the Philippines region and the ______________ region.
19 The atom bomb was dropped on the cities of Nagasaki and ___________.
21 This turning point in the war proved the allies were able to chase the Germans out of North Africa.
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