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Adult Crosswords

These crosswords are made for adults of all ages. They are made up of words that are often found in adult literature and cover subjects of interest to adults. To view or print a crossword puzzle for adults click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Between Shades Of Gray NONE Using the clues, determine the vocabulary word and fill out the crossword Who is one of the teachers in the book. Who is realted to papa in the book. Who does Jonas talk to at home all the time.. Who read the good book to the class . Whos papa is in this book.
A Child Called IT Books David's lunch for school everyday. name of David's father. principal. name of city that David lives in. David's favorite place.
Scientology Religion What do scientologists adress?. souls of dead people were blown about by nuclear winds. Technician of Dianetics. What kind of birth did scientologists have to give?. The intergalactic alien that Scientologists beleive.
Chanda's Secret Books a state that is either physically or mentally exhausted by exertion or strain. can i use your phone to call a ______ . the father of Sara. to become wild most likely when partying or at a party . an annoying or bothersome pain .
The Hiding Place Books Name given to the Ten Booms house.. Corrie's old boyfriend.. Man who gave Corrie the ration cards.. Thing Corrie lied about.. What didn't the pastor accept?.
Just Don't Fall Books A college that prepares students to be priests, ministers, or rabbis.. Mild and favorable.. of or relating to motivation. A person who has had a limb amputated.. An artificial body part, such as a leg.
Words for Renters Society You have to pay extra if the rent is ____. Written legal agreement between tenant and landlord. A type of federal housing assistance for low income, disabled or elderly clients, is called _______8. No late fee during the _____ period. A form listing your references, where you work, your social security number, etc. that you fill out when applying for an apartment, job or college.
Sunrise Over Fallujah Books a form of government. mood or temperament. one that contracts to perform work or provide supplies . soldiers trained, armed, and equipped to fight on foot . enthusiatsic.
Classical Conditioning - Underlying Processes Mental Health A theory of classical conditioning that proposes that the CS acts as a substitute for the US. . A theory of classical conditioning that proposes that a given US can support only so much conditioning and that this amount of conditioning must be distributed among the various CSs available. . A model of conditioning in which a CS that has been repeatedly associated with the primary response (a-process) to a US will eventually come to elicit a compensatory response (b-process). . A behavioral treatment for phobias that involves prolonged exposure to a feared stimulus, thereby providing maximal opportunity for the conditioned fear response to be extinguished. . The decrease in the conditioned response that occurs when two separately conditioned CSs are combined into a compound stimulus for further pairings with the US. .
Neural Processing and the Brain Body Allows control of the skeletal muscles. Directs messages to sensory receiving areas in cortex. Processes sensory input and coordinates balance. Detects where radioactive glucose goes under brain activity. Minimum intensity needed for a neural impulse to stimulate.
Medical Terminology Health process of cutting out. pertaining to white cells. the uterus is abnormality tilted backward. tiny ball of capillaries. thin, delicate inner membrances of the meninges.
All about Alcohol Mental Health I am a person. I help addicts avoid negative consequences due to his or her behavior. (benlinga). I am a disease, but not like the others. I cause a person to lose control of his or her drinking behavior. (mcohollisa). I am a disease. I turn healthy liver tissue into scar tissue. (horriissc). I occur when you drink to much, or to often, or at an inappropriate time. (lcohoa buase). I am very complex. I am a set of physical and mental defects that affect the fetus due to mothers consumption of alcohol. (ltaef coholla drmyoesn).
Puritanism Religion Jesus died for the chosen only, not for everyone . The saving and transfiguring power of God. Sovereign gift of God, graciously bestowed . Through Adam and Eve's fall, every person is born sinful. Unites the soul with God after death, and will elect form of community of saints .
Italian Cusine Food This puzzle was designed to see how carefully you read the assignment piece on Italian Cusine. The puzzle is based on important words that were through the assignment. Popular cheese. Phrase used before eating. Essential ingrediant when cooking Italian food. Sea that peninsula extends out to?. Cooks a common grain.
Cellular Functions Body the cell releases substances. carries substances across the cell and releases them. concentration is equal. a difference in concentration of a substance. movement across a cell membrane that does not cost energy.
Noncummunicable Diseases Health Also know as hypertension, blood pressure is higher than average.. Chemicals in the body that cause allergic reactions.. Blood flow to the head is cut off.. Conditions marked by pain and swelling in the joints.. A condition where the blood flow to the heart is blocked..
Collision Repair Business and Work Body Filler Ability of one substance to stick to another. Tool used to help shape metal. Steel box members that extend down side of windshield. Tool used to apply paint and primer. Product that fills minor scratches (liquid form).
Jeffery Dahmer History Where did Dahmer keep his skull collection. How many witnesses were called on to convince the court that Dahmer was insane. Where was his first victim buried . What month did Dahmer die . Who attended his funeral.
The Merchants Tale Books By Geoffery Chaucer Believes women are deceitful. Virgin and Wife. The Narrator . Strongly agrees with January's plan, ladies women. Wants to Marry.
Criminal Investigations Society specially trained people who analyze and interpret evidence. the 'testable' idea that investigators use to attempt to explain or solve the crime. a rule that states that new scientific techniques must be accepted by the scientific community before being used as evidence in court. after collecting and labeling evidence, it is sent to the _________ ________. the scientific examination of evidence in a criminal investigation.
Genetics and Breeding Science a glycoprotein membrane. characteristics of an organism. having dissimilar alleles. a cell consisting of two sets of chromosomes. a cell that fuses with another cell.
Sensations Body This sense gives us feedback about the position and orientation of specific body parts. Receptors in our muscles and joints send information to our brain about our limbs.. Theory that states that the hair cells in the cochela respond to different frequencies of sound based on where they are located in the cochela. Created by Helmholtz. . Refers to the length of the waves and determines pitch, measured in megahurtz.. Determines the height of the wave and the loudness of the sound, which is measured in decibels. . Theory that states lower tones are sensed by the rate at which the cells fire. Demonstrates that the Place Theory accurately describes how hair cells sense the upper range of pitches but not the lower tones. .
Aggression: What Makes Us Hurt Others? Mental Health Disease, the person has difficulty controlling their behavior and repeats actions. (abbreviation). An action that is intended to cause harm to another person who does not want to be harmed.. Portrays many aspects of life unrealistically.. Influences many of our ideas about the world.. Many believe that aggression is learned through this type of learning..
Compliance Team Building Business and Work Motivation based on ideas of right and wrong. Risk Control Officer. Misstating Financial Documents. Compliance Officer. questionable ???.
INFECTION CONTROL BASICS Health Single celled microbes that naturally occur on living, dead or inanimate objects. The mode of ______ is how pathogens travel to the next reservoir or host. Another name for a contagious disease. Type of transmission where microbes move across long distances by air currents. Used to treat bacterial infection.
The Chemistry of Life Body Fill in the blanks with words associated with carbon compounds. Consists of 5 carbon sugars; a phosphate group and a nitrogeneous base.. Large and varied group of biological molecules that are not generally soluble in water.. A/K/A 'RNA.'. A/K/A 'DNA.'. Created when monomers join together..
April Raintree Literature and Writing lack of concern, don't care. emotional distress and unhappiness. want to learn, ask questions. when things don't make sense.
Remember When... History Pop Culture Trivia through the Decades In 1993, Mattel outfitted what Barbie boyfriend, dressing him with an earring, a purple leather vest, two-tone hair and mesh shirt?. Which Jimmy Stewart movie did the FBI classify as potential Communist propaganda in 1947, since the masses unite against an evil business person?. Before it's cowboy came along, what cigarette was marketed to women as 'a cherry tip for your ruby lips?'. Despite being only 12 years older than Harrison Ford and 7 years older than Dustin Hoffman, who has played both their fathers?. Shortly after filming a car safety spot, who died on a California highway when his Porsche Spyder collided with another car?.
Sleeping Dirorders Mental Health Not getting enough sleep , different sleeping schedule daily. Itching sensation , irresistible urge to move the legs. Normal sleeping schedule , relaxation. Suddenly stops breathing for short period of time while sleeping. The harsh or hoarse sound created while sleeping.
Bankruptcy Terms Business and Work The termination of the case without the entry of a discharge. Penalty for debtor misconduct with respect to the case or creditors as a whole. The document that initiates a bankruptcy case. The form filed with the court establishing the creditor's claim against the debtor. Cases that are transferred from one chapter to another .
What's in Thailand World Geography something easy to ride around on.. we have dollars, they have.... represents their country.. sculptures.. he receives lots of kindness from his country..
Thailand World Geography The currency in Thailand.. A climate in Thailand.. A country in Asia.. The priminister of Thailand. A food they eat with there fingers..
Ethics Society The obligation to tell the truth. The branch of philosophy that concerns the distinction of right from wrong on the basis of a body of knowledge not just on the basis of opinions. Healthcare ethics. Respect for an individual's right to self-determination; respect for individual liberty. The principle of promise keeping; the duty to keep one's promise or word.
Safe Food Practices Food 76 million illnesses can be traced to foodborne ____ each year. Always replace when excessively used or deep groves are made (2 words). Food left outside for too long without being refrigerated is in the ______ (2 word). 50 to 75 degrees Farenheit is ideal for storing ______ (2 words). Your work station, ____, and hands should always be clean.
Controlling Insulin Secretion Health The process by which the insulin is secreted by the cell. The change in potential difference opens these channels. The type of cell that secretes insulin. The sacs that contain the insulin. The final molecule that glucose is metabolised into.
Books of the Bible Bible Swallowed by a fish. Son of Amoz. Invasion of locuts. Means 'Yahweh Remembers'. Lord's anger against Nineveh.
NURSING Health EPIDEMIOLOGY Prevalence of a disease within an area.. Worlwide epidemic.. A person or an animal that shows no symptoms of a disease but harbors the infectious agent of that disease and is capable of transmitting it to others.. The study of spread and control of diseases.. A specific causative agent (as a bacterium or virus) of disease. .
The American People Government and Politics A system of government in which citizens govern themselves directly and vote on most issues. The principle that every citizen of a democracy has an equal opportunity to try to infuence government. political authority rests in the people collectively. The individual rights of those not in the political or religious majority. Rule by the people.
DISCIPLINARY SKILLS Business and Work Complete the crossword puzzle Who is primarily responsible for discipline. The balancing act in deciding disciplinary matters. Evidence by different witnesess confirming same facts . Agreed fact will constitue evidence. Dismissal should follow....
Integrated Service Marketing Communication Business and Work A communication process that entails the planning, creation, integration, an implementation of diverse forms of mar that are delivered overtime to a brand's targeted customers and prospects.. Examples of this are newspaper and magazine articles/reports, TVs and radio presentations, charitable contributions, speeches, issue advertising, and seminars.. Direct communications with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationship.. Examples of this are sales presentations, sales meetings, sales training and incentive programs for intermediary salespeople, samples, and telemarketing. Can be face-to-face or via telephone.. Media and non-media marketing communication are employed for a pre-determined, limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve product availability..
The Book Thief Literature and Writing With force or drive. To manage skillfully in an unfair manner. Deserving to be despised. Desire to inflict injury. To make or hold motionless with amazement.
Investment and Retirement Workshop Business and Work Investing Terminology Ownership in company that reinvests profit for capital gains. Risk that you can afford. Earnings paid to shareholders. Publication that provides detailed information about an investment. Ownership interest, dividends paid last.
B An Actuary Business and Work Exercises power and control, management, or disposition with regard to a fund's assets. The party protected. Gradual reduction of interest. A demand received. Arrangement with selected providers for discounted services.
Communication When Handling Medications Health Crossword The prioperative assistants involved in medication practices in OR shall be _________based. (10). _____________ of all medications and fluids on and off the sterile field must be done correctly and timely. (9). medication and fluids are to be checked by two persons ______________ (13). ________ medication must be delivered to the sterile field at a time (3). The surgeon's preference lists are not considered a _____ prescription (5).
Roller Coaster Physics Science Decrease in velocity, an object keeps moving slower and slower. Tendency of an object to either keep moving or to remain at rest. A push or a pull on an object. How far an object moves in a certain amount of time, such as miles per hour. Force that slows things down.
Communities Around Us Society Complete the crossword puzzle. A way of life shared by many members of a group. A person who lives in and belongs to a community. A place where an important (historic) event took place.. A system that links computers all over the world.. An organization of community members who are interested in their community's history..
Student Behavior Definitions Other The student is engaged in a subject matter motor activity in such a way as to produce a high degree of success.. The student has completed a task and is awaiting the next instructions or opportunity to respond. . The student is appropriately involved in a cognitive, subject matter task. . The student is engaged in a subject matter motor activity but the task is either too difficult for the individual's capabilities or is so easy that practicing it could not contribute to lesson goals.. The student is either not engaged in an activity in which he or she should be engaged, or is engaged in an activity other than the one in which he or she should be engaged. .
Teacher Behavior Definitions Other The teacher demonstrates to students how to do a subject matter task, or participates with students in a subject matter task or activity.. The teacher makes a negative or critical verbal statement or gesture following an inappropriate student behavior (skill or organizational) clearly designed to decrease such responses in the future. . The teacher is watching one student engaged in a subject matter task for the purpose of providing feedback related to performance. The teacher position must be proximal to the student position so that observation is clearly focused on a specific stud. The teacher is verbally describing to the students how to do a skill, or is using a verbal prompt to direct students in attempting a skill or activity. . The teacher makes a positive verbal statement or gesture following an appropriate student behavior (skill or organizational) clearly designed to increase or maintain such responses in the future. .
ETHICS Society Use the clues provided to complete the puzzle on Ethics. Very important in business to have a good ................................. (what people think of you). One of the ethics theories. Environmental policies and actions are implemented to look after this. Companies use this to ensure that all stakeholders behave in an ethical manner. This behaviour is within the law.
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