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Food Crosswords

To view or print a Food crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Sweets strawbarrylaces. sweets. lollies. cadbury. creameeggs. Big
Breakfast bacon. cereal. waffles. pancakes. breakfast. Easy
Meal Planning Terms A meal that takes the place of breakfast and lunch.. Finger foods.. Meals are placed in a public area where diners generally serve themselves.. The first meal of the day.. Is usually eaten about 6 o'clock in the evening.. Older Children
Potatoes the best cooking method for yellow-fleshed. potatoes that are fried and eaten with apple sauce or sour cream. potato not related to sweet potatoes and originated in Asia. potato en casserole. potatoes cooked in their skins retains this. Older Children
Foods Safety This must always be used in the kitchen . Always wipe the tables so you don`t create . Always ____ your dishes once you are finished with them. Use this while cutting foods. Use this to dry your dishes. Older Children
Food Chemistry Element necessary for building bones. Sugar found in beets. Unit of heat. Sugar found in milk. Sugar that is broken down for energy in cells. Hard
healty fruits something purple. something green. something red. something yellow. great eating. Easy
Fruits You can use ____ fruit for cooking because they are past prime eating quality. . This category includes oranges and grapefruits.. Strawberries and cantaloupe are a good source of this. . These fruits have reached top eating quality. . Fruits with a higher ____ content will cook quicker in the microwave. . Hard
Pancake Day liquid produced by cows. flat round cake. celebration. go without eating. protection garment to be used in the kitchen. Easy
Tasty Apple best friend.. Blueberries is...?. That you used ,when you are eating soup.. Hare's favourite vegetable.. Pig meat. Easy
Foods has the word eat in it. look like trees. it is a bird. come in pods. kids love it. Young Kids
Pies beaten egg whites. to form the edge of the crust with your fingers. a type of corn product used for fruit pies that will be frozen. to bake a pie crust in advance; baked upside down in a pie tin. to sprinkle flour on pie crust before rolling out. Teenage
The Sugar Sweet Sugar is always ____________.. Sugar contains ______________.. C6 H12 O6. Sugar is a _____________.. Name of this cereal.. Teenage
Food: Fuel or Pleasure the quantity you eat of a kind of food during a meal. a piece of cloth or paper used at meals to protect your clothes and to clean your lips and fingers. (of food) having a strong taste because spices have been used to flavour it. meat cooked for a long time in liquid, usually with vegetables. fish and sea creatures that can be eaten, especially shellfish. Hard
Bread not high or deep. אבנים/ סלעים. לאפות. a person who has something that belongs to him. a piece of equipment that is designed to do a certain job. Big
Fruit Production Industry third most lucrative crop per hectare. lygus lineolaris. pseudomonas viburni. founder of most successful commercial cranberry crop production method. shallow tillage (5-8cm deep)= good ______ ______. Hard
Vegetables You should choose vegetables are that are ________ in size. . Leafy green vegetables are a good source of this nutrient. . This class of vegetables includes garlic and onion. . Dried vegetables such as peas, beans, and lentils. . This class of vegetables includes asparagus and celery. . Hard
PIZZA What's your favourite pizza .....................?. Oh, yummy! This cake is really ...................... The red pizza sauce is made from ...................... We need a ..................... to make the sauce.. ....................... is the favourite pizza in the USA.. Young Kids
I Love Beer Kickoff wheat beer style. Can only be brewed by 1 of 8 Monasteries in the world to be authentic. German for black beer. White beer style. Used to poor 'real ale'. Hard
Chocolate A Person Who Grows And Sells Food. Something Inside Cocoa Pods. To Get A Fair Amount Of Money. To Be Poor. The Bean That Is Protected By The Cocoa Pod. Older Children
Grain Foods The largest part of a kernel of grain containing most of the starch and the protein of the kernel but few minerals and little fiber. . An elastic protein substance that provides the structure in baked goods. . Starchy grain that is suitable to use as food. . This is produced from durum wheat and makes pasta dough. . Swelling and subsequent thickening of starch granules when heated in water. . Older Children
CANDY they are shaped like a small bear that is edible.. two bars that snap apart.. chocolate goodness.. rainbow chewy drops of delight.. its a red and white cane.. Older Children
Desserts it has frosting on top.. you can build small homes from this.. a circle with a whole in the middle.. a treat that most people get for their birthday.. a cold treat that most people enjoy in the summer.. Older Children
Bangladesh Spice Names A type of nut Ca_ _ _ _ 9 letter. A yellow citrus fruit and is sour 5 letter. A spice used quite a lot-Cu... 5 letter. A sour type of oil and in crisps SALT AND V... 7 letters. Rock Salt 9 letter. Older Children
Food things you find in the kitchen 2 percent. -bread. blue. coffee. steak. Big
History of Food Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.. Any organism that threatens human interests.. Substances intended to repel, kill or control any species deemed a pest.. A measure of energy.. The temperature, precipitation, humidity and other weather conditions over a long period of time.. Hard
Pastries An animal fat used to give a short texture to pastry. . Messy pastry used for sausage rolls, pasties etc.. Beaten egg brushed on to give an attractive finish.. Flour ________ used to help stop dough sticking to the table. . Liquid used when making pastry to bind ingredients together.. Older Children
Salads usually served as a light salad. usually in casual dining. should include a variety of flavors, textures, and colors. once shaken, will split up more to create a green. chefs use variations of cooked foods. Big
Cooking Class To pierce food or pastry with the tines of a fork to prevent them from bursting or rising during baking. Also used when roasting ducks and geese to remove excess fat under the skin.. To cook meat, fish, eggs or fruits in simmering liquid.. To combine several ingredients in a single bowl or container and thoroughly mix.. a dessert made by spreading the filling of jelly, cream or whipped cream over a sponge cake baked in a 15 inch x 10 inch x 1 inch pan and rolling it into a loge. Jelly-roll style is used when any food is filled and rolled into a log shape.. To add enough liquid to dry ingredients while stirring gently to make a wet but not runny mixture. Often used in preparation or muffins.. Big
German Potato Salad der Speck, a part of pig commonly served at breakfast.. der Senf, good on hotdogs.. der Pfeffer, you sneeze if you sniff it.. die Petersilie, a common garnish on dishes. der Essig, an acid commonly used in cooking.. Easy
Food and Drink apples. chicken. bread. candy. cheese. Easy
Food Technology 'An apple a day keeps the __________ away!'. To stop apples browning sprinkle with ?. There are over-----thousand different varieties of apples worldwide. Country which produces the most apples each year. Shape of apple filo parcel. Older Children
Fruits and Vegetables fruits and begetables are in this. the color of cucumber. it's purple and it's a fruit. brown. it's long and green. Easy
Planning Meals A plan for managing income and expenses. . Food product that has had some amount of service added to it. . A regularly recurring cost that varies in amount. . Convenience food that is ready for eating either immediately or after heating or thawing. . On average families in the U.S. spend about _______ percent of their income on food.. Big
Food Terminologies Complete the crossword puzzle below To partially cook for a given amount of time in boiling water as a preliminary step. To add moisture. To cut into very fine pieces. To cook foods slowly in a specified amount of liquid in a covered pot or pan. To restore by placing in water. Hard
french food try to guess the food by the hint tres petit,vert/violet. blanc,creamux,laiterie. verte,longue,. laiterie,frois. petit,rouge,autour. Hard
Cooking Class To boil foods, usually veggies, until partially cooked. Most often used when vegetables are finished using another cooking method or chilled for marinated salads or appetizers dishes.. To moisten foods while cooking by brushing with pan juices, butter, margarine, or reserved marinade.. A measurement less then 1/8th teaspoon that is used for herbs, spices or hot pepper sauce. Not an accurate measurement.. To rub foods, such as hard cheese, citrus peel and spices over a grater to produce very fine particles.. To cut foods into very fine pieces no larger then 1/8th inch. Used most often for fresh herbs or garlic.. Older Children
Dairy Group cow. strong. many types. smile. chocolate vanilla. Easy
Food It's a beautiful day! Let's go to the park and have a ___________ lunch. . Would you like a _________ of soup? . Put things between two slices of bread and you'll have this. . What would you like to drink: juice, soda or water? All please, I'm so _________! . Would you like to drink coffee or _______? . Easy
Italian Cusine Popular cheese. Phrase used before eating. Essential ingrediant when cooking Italian food. Ocean that lies next to Italy. Cooks a common grain. Teenage
Italian Cusine This puzzle was designed to see how carefully you read the assignment piece on Italian Cusine. The puzzle is based on important words that were through the assignment. Popular cheese. Phrase used before eating. Essential ingrediant when cooking Italian food. Sea that peninsula extends out to?. Cooks a common grain. Adult
Food Use the clues to find the words to complete the crossword The mineral which helps to build strong bones and teeth. Counts os one of your five a day. This word completed the title of the food group, meat, fish and ...... Items from this food group should be served at every meal and snack. One of the best drinks to keep the body hydrated. Older Children
BASIC COOKING TERMS To add salt, pepper, or other substances to food to enhance flavor. To finely divide food in various sizes by rubbing it on a grater with sharp projections. To cut or chop food as finely as possible. To cook by dry heat usually in an oven. To flatten to a desired thickness by using a rolling pin. Hard
Food the way energy flows. an organism that makes it's food naturally. representation of predator prey reationship (chain). an organism that feeds of producer only. an organism that feeds of nectar. Big
Halloween Candy Favorites 'The fruitiest and the chewiest!'. fluffy clouds. nrocydnac spelled backwards. snap it and it'll crunch. sticky and chewy. Older Children
Garnishing & Knives The best way to garnishn a sandwhich. A knife used to cut vegetables. Used to sharpen a knife. A tool used to smooth icing on a cake. Knife blades are made up of high carbon steel and . Big
CooKing Terms to pour or spoon pan juices, melted fat, or sauces during cooking. to cause a sloid food to turn into or become a liquid. to separate solid for a liquid. to reduce food into small peices by pressing it against the 'teeth' of a grater. to change a food from a solid to a liquid. Hard
Nutrition Use the following clues to answer the numbered crossword Sugars that enter the bloodstream quickly. A unit of energy produced by food and used by the body. Building blocks that make up proteins. The part of grains and plant foods that cannot be digested. A condition in which the pancreas produces too much insulin. Teenage
The Art of Cooking coat a food with flour, milk or beaten egg, and seasoned crumbs or cormeal. pour liquid over a food as it cooks. to chop finely. coat a food with a liquid that forms a gloosy finish. mix with a spoon or wire whisk in a circular motion. Older Children
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