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Government And Politics Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
1st Amendment this freedom means the government cannot stop people from saying what they think. means to have the supreme power. added to the Constitution to protect citizens' freedoms (3 words). the number of amendments in the Bill of Rights. this freedom means people can request that the government makes changes. Older Children
2012 ELECTION BUZZ amendment that gave African-Americans the right to vote. Presidential Race incumbent. generally speaking, a government party that does not side with the democrats or the republicans. They support views from both sides on separate issues . 2012 Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate. 2012 Republican Presidential candidate. Teenage
2020 Election Get out and vote! An official or executive ranking below and deputizing for a president.. This animal represents the Republican Party. . A “____ state” leans Democratic. . The simple definition is a person who does not affiliate with the Democratic or Republican Party. . Someone running for political office — or anyone being considered for a position or opportunity of some sort.. Big
7 Principles of Government Put a (-) between each word. a form of government in which people elect representatives to create and enforce laws. A particular section or item of a series in a written document. How many articles does the constitution have?. personal liberties or privileges(2 words). the division of basic government roles into three branches(3 words). Adult
A More Perfect Union A system that allows each branch of a government to amend or veto acts of another branch so as to prevent any one branch from exerting too much power. Corresponding in size or amount to something else.. A long and severe recession in an economy or market.. A body of electors chosen or appointed by a larger group.. Implementing, supporting, and enforcing the laws made by the legislative branch. Big
A New World Order Takes Shape Became President in 1945 after FDR died. Country founded in 1948 in order to give Jews a safe place to live. Militarized zone in post-war Berlin that separated . Name of the bomb dropped in 1945 that ended the war in the Pacific. Palace where the Potsdam Conference was held. Big
Absolutism Monarchs tried to improve _________ by increasing their own power.. Territorial and ___________ conflicts between states led to almost continuous warfare.. Absolute Monarchy declares that the monarchy holds ultimate _____ over the government.. The idea that God created the monarchy. Absolute Monarchy was created in the _____________ century.. Older Children
Absolutism type of monarch who gathers all power under their personal control. religion of the French and Hapsburgs. limited the extent to which a single power could expand. type of government that is obligied to respect laws passsed by representative institutions. these nobles revolted against Habsburg absolutist ambitions. Hard
Amendment 1 to organize a set a rules on a permanent basis. there is no ____ of having a certain religion. people are allowed to have ________ meetings discussing the gov't. the congress can not limit a news _______ story. expressing your _______ on an important gov't topic is allowed. Older Children
Amendments soldiers can't stay in a private home without owner permission . no states can take away voting rights. protects unreasonable searches and seizures. bear arms. repealed the 18th amendment allowing sale and consumption of alcohol . Hard
Amendments and Presidents this amendment grants the right to not have to quarter soldiers . this amendment prohibits the government from denying citizens the right to vote based on race or previous slavery . amendment that grants the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizure . 7th President of the US also nicknamed Old Hickory . 4th president of the US also nicknamed Father of the Constitution . Hard
American Citizenship individuals have the right to express their opinions and beliefs. an individual with certain rights & duties under a government. loyalty. making views known to public officials, usually in written form. describes a person not born in the U.S. who has become a citizen of the U.S. by taking a test and proving allegiance. Big
American Elections vocabulary about voting and the political process argument of ideas. person that wants to be elected. political meeting where candidates are selected to represent the party. ideas that are the goals of a political party. political position that usually wants change - left wing. Big
American Government the formal statement written by Thomas Jefferson declaring the freedom of the thirteen American colonies from Great Britain.. the doctrine that the right of rule derives directly from God, not from the consent of the people. . the “great charter” of English liberties, forced from King John by the English barons and sealed at Runnymede. nearly as old as philosophy itself, is the view that persons' moral and/or political obligations are dependent upon a contract or agreement among them to form the society in which they live.. an American Founding Father, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and the third President of the United States. . Big
American Government Answers with more than one word will not have a space between the words. The building where the President lives and works. The level of government responsible for issuing driver's licenses. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution. Is elected every two years. The building where Congress meets. Big
American Politics Proclamations made by the President that change government policy without congressional approval.. Checks and balances/a system in which each branch of government has some power over the others.. A set of objectives outlining the party’s issue positions and priorities in order to appeal to the voting populace.. The elected leader of the House of Representatives.. The process that determines what government does is called __________.. Big
American Presidents Complete the crossword puzzle, use the hints to help you. the only president who paid off the debt of the U.S.. is the shortest president the U.S. has ever had measured 5'4' tall. our current U.S. president. was the first president to die in office. nicknamed 'the gipper' because of his famous role as George Gipp in the film 'Knute Rockne-All American.'. Older Children
Andrew Jackson's Life and Presidency Nickname. how did he serve in the Florida Territory. How many wives. married who many times. 7th President of the U.S.. Older Children
Andrew Johnson A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made. The maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product. A new method, idea, product, etc.. The objects of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. A decision-making process surrounds any design. Older Children
AP Government a term used for certain gubernatorial offices, expressing the nature of their job being analogous to a head of government. The practice of exchanging favors esp. in politics by reciprocal voting for each other's proposed legislation. a particular legal philosophy of judicial interpretation that limits or restricts judicial interpretation. A high-ranking senator of the majority party who presides over the US Senate in the absence of the vice president. the process of allocating political power among a set of principles. Very Difficult
Australian Parliament Lower house in parliament - 150 members. House of __________. Gathering of elected representatives who make laws for the country.. Australian 'Head of State'. A monarch.. Australia's type of political system. A constitutional ___________. Set of rules by which a country or state is run. . Hard
Barack Obama Barack got more of these than any other president ever!. Obama’s father was from this country in Africa.. Obama’s first name.. The number of years in a single presidential term.. After college, Barack moved to this city in Illinois.. Hard
Barack Obama, the early years Use the Barack Obama timeline to find the right words the country where Barack Obama's father was born. Barack Obama's grandmother. the last name of the president elected in 1980. the country Barack Obama, his mother, and his step-father moved to in 1967. the state where Barack Obama was born . Big
Bill of Rights nineteenth amendment. first amendment. sixth amendment. eighth amendment. seventh amendment. Big
Bill of Rights 1st. 6th. 4th. 22nd. 7th. Teenage
Bill of Rights 17th amendment allows for the direct election of __________. amendment that says no unreasonable search or seizure. Amendment that says people have the right to keep and bear arms. The 21st amendment _________ the 18th. Can't be taken away. Very Difficult
Bill of Rights The first ten [blank] make up the Bill of Rights. 7th amendment: trial by [blank]. Type of crime listed in 5th amendment. Military personnel listed in 3rd amendment. Document necessary to search property. Older Children
Branches of Government The President has to be born a ______ of the United States.. How many Supreme Court justices have to vote yes to take a case?. The Supreme Court holds session from October through _____.. How many Senate members does each state elect?. The President is the leader of which branch?. Big
Branches of US Government Idea that allows different branches of government to limit the power of other branches of government. Idea that prevents one person or group from having too much control over the government. *Enforces/carries out laws, Article II of the Constitution, power to veto a bill sent to it by congress, power to appoint federal judges, power to lead the Armed Forces during a war, represents our nation in the world. Interprets laws, power to declare laws or actions by the government unconstitutional, Article III of the Constitution, power to sentence or decide the punishment for lawbreakers, power to settle disputes between states. The highest federal court in the US, consisting of nine justices, serve for live. Big
British Colonization The 13 colonies Trade between America and other countries other than Britain and along the way they gave something and in return they got finished products of produce.. Chief of the Powhatan Confederacy and father to Pocahontas.. A religious group who wanted to purify the Church of England.. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware.. He was the founder of Maryland, a colony which offered religious freedom, and a refuge for the persecuted Roman Catholics.. Very Difficult
Bush 41 Administration Bush sent more than 12000 U.S. troops into Panama to remove this leader and arrested him for drug trafficking. This Soviet leader's resignation on December 25, 1991 marked the end of the Cold War. After Iraq was attacked by coalition forces, Saddam Hussein launched SCUD missiles into this nation in hopes of bringing other Arab nations to his defense. The Bush administration imposed economic sanctions against South Africa to force the release of this anti-apartheid leader. Bush's breaking of his promise not to raise these probably cost him reelection . Hard
Canadian Politics in the 1920s He belonged to the Conservative party. . The most seats in the legislature or Parliament in a government system.. Became leader for the NDP. . Punished Conservatives for almost a decade. . Refused a request from the Prime Minister to dissolve Parliament. . Big
Canadian Politics in the 1920s Complete the crossword below People who could not find a lot work after the war. A new party that took many seats away from the Conservatives . Someone who promised to help when the East was in a economic depression but only made changes to his political advantage . People in Canada who were discriminated and forced to change their ways of living which caused the highest suicide rate in Canada. A party that had been broken up over the conscription crisis and delegates wanted a leader who would unite it once again. Big
Citizenship, Voting, and Elections Complete the crossword below representatives from the 50 state party organizations who run a political party. held when no candidate wins a majority of votes in the primary. a number that is more than 50 percent of the total. organization of individuals with broad common interests. meeting of local party organizers. Big
CIVICS Constitution and Bill of Rights 'Roe vs Wade' established __________ rights for women.. 'You have the right to remain __________.'. The 4th amendment protects people from ________ searches and seizures.. Must be passed by three-fourths of the state legislators.. A person found _______ by a jury may not be tried for the same offense.. Hard
Civil Rights Constitutional amendment, ratified in 1964 to outlaw the poll tax. 1858 Supreme Court case in which a slave sued for his freedom but the court ruled against him, because as a slave, he was not a U.S. Citizen. Theory favoring the political, economic, and social equality of men and women. Union created by Cesar Chavez to organize Mexican field hands in the West. Group of civil rights workers who took bus trips through southern states in 1961 to protest illegal bus segregation. Very Difficult
Civil Rights Social movements in the United States aimed at outlawing racial discrimination against black Americans. A type of demonstration where people enter a public building and refuse to leave until their demands are met. Went on for about a year until the Sumpreme court ruled that segregation on public transportation was illegal. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Made it easier for African-Americans to vote. Hard
Civil Rights bans slavery. doesn't allow discrimination against female students. used by the Supreme Court to determine constitutional validity of practice, esp race. overruled by Brown v Board of Education. guaranteed protections from government infringement. Hard
Civil Rights African American had to pay this if they did good in the literacy test and still wanted to vote.. African American wanted this throughout america for each black citizen and to whites. . When Martin Luther King Jr. lead a march but was attacked by police which were hitting the blacks and using tear gas.. Black and white people riding in hound dog buses to travel north states to south segregated states, just to use things only for white and black.. People having the rights of a citizen. Hard
Concepts of Comparative Politics Authoritarian systems dominated by a single charismatic figure.. The basic unit of political organization.. State with no constitutionally defined powers devolved to subunits.. One of the two fundamental components of politics.. Term for electoral mechanisms where seats are allocated by the party's share of the total vote.. Very Difficult
Concepts Relating to Government Use the clues to complete the Crossword Puzzle the right to vote in political elections of a country. all the people in a country or area who are entitled to vote in an election. is a group people who share the same ideas about the way the country should be governed. . the right to vote in public elections. A paper handed to each voter on election day to be marked, showing the names of the candidates (and sometimes the parties) who are standing for election. Hard
Concepts relating to Government!! The law making branch of government.. Someone who was born in a country.. To express your choice or opinion by raising hands or indicating your choice through secret ballot.. A legislative branch of government with two chambers/houses.. The branch of government which interprets and enforces the laws.. Hard
Congress a provision not likely to pass on its own merit that is attached to an important measure certain to pass. is the House sitting not as itself but as one large committee of itself. divisions of existing committees formed to address specific issues. are little different from bills, and when passed have the force of law. a procedure to bring a bill to the floor of the legislative body when a committee has refused to report it. Teenage
Congress Please fill in the correct words from the political dictionary. permanent committee in a legislative body to which bills of a specified subject matter are referred. unpopular provision added to an important bill certain to pass so that it will 'ride' through the legislative process. various tactics (usually long speeches) aimed at defeating a bill in a legislative body by preventing a final vote; associated with the U.S. Senate. division of existing committee that is formed to address specific issues. the presiding officer of a senate; in Congress, the Vice President of the United States; in a State's legislature, either the lieutenant governor or a senator. Hard
Congress The time or period through which something lasts. Many goals a government pursues. Assistants to the floor leaders in the House of Senates. To be distributed, as in the seats of the House of Representatives. A proposed law presented to a legislative body for consideration. Big
Congress two-year period of time . distribute, seats in legislative body . a proposed law . a period of time when congress assembles business . power to reject a bill passed . Older Children
Congress the number of members in the House of Represenatives. serve as assistant floor leader in the House. Legislative Chamber of Israel. only about 10 _____ go the the full house for a vote. Senate elections are done state-wide or_________. Hard
Congress Senators represent their _________________. Congress is the ____ making body . a ________committee is one made up of both members of each house. length of citzenship required to be in the House of Representatives. ___________ leaders act as spokespeople for their parties. Older Children
Congress two-year period when Congress meets. to lie under oath. to begin a new session of Congress. money assigned to a particular use. being removed. Big
Congress Do you know Congress? A type of representation in which representatives have the same racial, gender, ethnic, religious, or educational backgrounds as their constituents.. Either in HOR or Senate majority party, In HOR the majority leader is subordinate in the party hierarchy to the Speaker of the House. . The chief presiding officer of the House of Representatives, they can influence the legislative agenda, the fate of individual pieces of legislation and member’s positions within the house. Legislative committees formed of members of both House and Senate. . A party member in House or Senate responsible for coordinating the party’s legislative strategy, building support for key issues, and counting votes. . Big
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