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Spelling Lists Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Homophones Complete the crossword puzzle I went . . . that place the other day on my way to the store.. The . . . of July is when we celebrate and watch fireworks.. Have you ever tried eating a . . .? (red vegetable). The queen would not give up her . . .. Are you . . . to do that? (given permission). Big
Homophones expressing motion. 'walking down to the mall'. a female deer. six less than ten. used to give a negative response. a prefix meaning away. Big
Homophones When I go on a plane, my ears get blocked and I can't ____ anything.. My friend fell off his bike and broke his ____.. I often get ____ when there is nothing on tv to watch.. I am going to see my favourite ____ in concert next week.. A chef ____ a lot about different types of foods.. Easy
Homophones Something that is listened to. A small island. A group of cattle. Past tense of to pass. A path through a church or supermarket. Young Kids
Hotel vocabulary the desk or office that books rooms for people and answers their questions.. to leave a hotel after paying and returning your room key. a woman who works as a servant in a hotel or private house.. you arrange for it to be kept specially for you, rather than sold or given to someone else.. the process of reporting your arrival at an airport, hotel, hospital . Older Children
I Before E Except After C to take by force. opposite of a nephew; my brother's daughter is my_________.. A military operation when they use force, a longer attack.. Oh what a ____________ it was to sit under shade. A refuge...starts with R.. May I have a ___________ of gum? One.... Hard
I before E except after C Complete the crossword below A synonym for 'look'. A verb; how you view something . The season after summer but before winter. Your sibling's daughter . A verb; to have seen something before. Older Children
I before E except after C complete the crossword below somebody who betrases you or takes something behind your back. dosnt follow the rule but is something people do when they are acting ...... somewere. folloes the rule you always ........ gifts on your bithday. dosnt follow the rule but it means you take something whith a right to do so. something you have a view of or you can smell. Older Children
i Sound A book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences.. Some animals go to sleep in the winter.. Making little or no noise.. An instrument used to project the sound of your voice.. An eight-legged minibeast.. Older Children
Idioms and Phrases Find the phrase that that matches with the idiom. decided too quickly or without thinking. performing unnecessary activivties. very pleased. 'It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.' A proverb: No matter how bad a happening is, someone can usually gain something from it.. live longer than be. Teenage
Inter words Week 4 spelling words connecting or travelling between continents. that can be interchanged without affecting the way it works. not continuous; occurring at intervals. a mediator. to take between sending and delivery. Teenage
It Happened Yesterday Past Tense Verbs It was still dark when I ______ up.. The author ________ at my school.. My father ________ me to school.. Last summer I _______ to the beach.. I was in a hurry and _______ my pencil.. Older Children
Jazz English an all female organization/club for students. hopeful, possible plans that might change. a meal and large party after the wedding ceremony. a place that takes advantage of an area that tourists like to visit and charges very high prices. visiting interesting and famous places in the area. Older Children
Junior Vocabulary strict. having or showing with to do harm. gloomy or glum. talkative. fictitious name. Hard
L Words Alpaca. Play on words for 'light'. He is the puppy. Breed: Collie. Enter your password. Easy
Language of Position Write the best word for each sentence. comes after second. close to something. on the side of something. comes before fifth. comes after first. Older Children
Language Vocabulary short dedication written in a book,coin, or monument. papers with writting that will be read and acted out. ordinary, dull, without variation. disturb. to fling or hurl forcefully. Hard
Latin Fill in the Latin word for the clue sword. they will show. thank you. I entrust. friend. Teenage
Latin Stems circle. above. into. one. great. Hard
Let's Recall WORDS! Complete the crossword puzzle below. Have fun and Enjoy! It is an affix attached before a root word. . It is a word formation that takes the first letter or the two initial letters of words or phrases and makes a new word.. Chemistry may be clipped into this word. . What do you cal the emotional and imaginative association surrounding a word? . It is a word formation that consists of removing syllables from a word to leave a word with the same function.. Hard
Letter L Sweet drink. Yellow fruit . Red and black Insect . Cute animal. Sweet candy. Easy
Linguist Disgusting, revolting or repulsive. Incapable of being heard. To form by combining parts or elements. Generous in forgiving an insult or injury. To explode with a loud noise. Hard
List 21 very upset. pleasant or enjoyable. small bunch of flowers. adjective from misery. sure to happen. Hard
Long E It is cold today. It is _____________.. I use a __________ to open my door.. Opposite of beautiful. Opposite of angry. Opposite of full. Easy
Long E Words Read the clues and complete the puzzle below use this word instead of silly. people do this to food. cruel to others, unkind. every big dog was once this. full of joy. Easy
Long Vowel Sound Complete the puzzle using the words and clues shown below. She gave me a ______________of her orange. I called my bestfriend on my mother's __________________. Your dinner is on the dining____________________. The_____________ran from the police. I am a_____________ at Richmond Park Primary School.. Young Kids
Long vowels smaller than rats. a part of the body on your face. You could answer this if someone asks you how you feel. leave plenty of this between you and the person in front of you. Personal ________. you can turn this in a book. Simple
Lower case letters ABC!! a number that is only divisible by itself. to learn by heart commit to memory . a number or algebraic expression obtained by dividing one number or algebraic expiration . to find a solution to a problem . a mathematical equation . Older Children
Mixtures A drink that's a greenish-yellow color.. Platelets and plasma mix together to form this substance.. Lemon juice and sugar (with maybe a little water added) mixed together creates this drink.. The stuff you put on salad.. The stuff found in trees.. Moderately Challenging
Monster Vocab peculiarity. agreement. closing in. frightend with threats. very still, as if nailed to the ground. Hard
More Homophones A pickled _______ is bright red in color.. To stop the horse pull back on the ______.. If the road is clear you can turn _____ on a red light.. Your mom brought you ______ lunch.. I saw my ______ when I stood on the scale.. Easy
Mostly I Words A disney movie called 'The ..........'. To support, hold, or bear up from below. Against the law. Without the faculty of reason. Opposite of resistible. Moderately Challenging
Multiple Meaning Words Quitting from a job you turn in a _____________. Generous. A product that appeals to many people. To distract someone or something. This is a regular customer in a store.. Older Children
N as in Net 21 - 2. what someone thinks but not everyone . not guilty. a joint in the middle of your leg. care or thought given to someone or something. Big
N crossword puzzle try to solve this crossword puzzle you have not yet made up your mind and you will ______ it.. sometimes a day is eventful sometimes its ________.. another name for a builder.. you ____ someone for their bravery.. a girl with curly hair will usually ______it.. Older Children
N Words you ____the game. day after tuesday. the joint in your leg. something sharp in the kitchen. the start of a footy match. Older Children
N Words A person who would look after you in hospital.. The sniffy thing on your face.. The opposite of yes.. 5 is not a letter. It's a ...... .. He got lots of ... toys for Christmas.. Easy
Names Look For The Names Begins with M ends with K. wears glasses, last name Allen. class clown, begins with K. begins with J. begins with A ends with N. Older Children
Negative Prefixes two things which are so closely connected that can't exist without each other. something which is different from normal or what you are used to. not having one or more of the physical or mental abilities that most people have. when you can't do something (e.g. you don't have enough power). not to have the same opinion. Big
Noun Suffixes a place were the funds of the government are kept. a room set apart for young children. a person sent by a church to carry on religion. a place were you make things. somewhere you bake. Big
Opposite Adjectives Very firm or solid.. Little in size.. Morally or socially correct or acceptable.. Very satisfactory, enjoyable, pleasant, or interesting.. Measuring a great distance from end to end.. Simple
Opposite Words opposite of coward. opposite of cheerful. opposite of ability. opposite of cheap. opposite of agree. Older Children
Opposite Words the opposite of offensive. the opposite of active. the opposite of cheerful. opposite of happy. the opposite of brave. Older Children
Opposite words opposite of under. opposite of far. opposite of cold. opposite of deep. opposite of slow. Hard
Opposites seek. cold. slow. late. near. Easy
Opposites Opposite of boy. Opposite of man. Opposite of quiet. Opposite of cold. Opposite of wet. Big
ou and ow words 'ou' and 'ow' words What you hear. Not very quiet. You get this when you're naughty. You dry yourself with this. A little squeaky creature. Older Children
Outliers Vocabulary to put in peril, endanger. relating to or composed of right angles. to prepare and improve(land);to foster the growth of; to nurture. in low spirits, disheartened. the act or process of marking; the set of associations suggested by a word in addition to it's literal meaning. Older Children
Ow and Ou Words Use the hints to try and guess the ow or ou word 60 minutes. they make you laugh. the feeling when you win a prize. the earth under your feet. Made from wheat, you need it to make a cake. Easy
Parcel Post Vocabulary a resting place, especially one that is high up. a package delivery service offered by the post office. going along with. a feeling related to one or more of the five senses. extremely surprised or amazed; astonished. Older Children
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