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Spelling Lists Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Past and present tense verbs Past tense of fold. Present tense of lick. Present tense of wear. Present tense of sit. Present tense of drink. Older Children
Plains Indians Vocabulary A large animal that Native Americans used for food, shelter, tools and clothing.. Animal skin. To prepare and save for future use.. A cone-shaped shelter usually made of animal skin.. Area located in the mid-western United States where many Native Americans lived.. Older Children
Plant Vocabulary An organism that makes its own food; an organism that does not consume other plants or animals.. a yellow powder produced by the stamen of a flower; pollen fertilizes the pistil of another flower. a compound tissue in vascular plants that helps provide support and that conducts water and nutrients upward from the roots.. The part of a plant that grows away from the roots; supports leaves and flowers.. A plant organ that absorbs energy from the sun and processes water, oxygen and carbon dioxide; the organ where photosynthesis happens in plants.. Older Children
Please Pass the Maple Syrup Vocabulary related to the making of maple syrup breakfast food made of flour, eggs and water that you pour maple syrup onto. building where sap is boiled and turned into syrup. liguid that carries food to all parts of the tree. large metal tank in which sap is boiled and turned into syrup. space without anything in it. Older Children
Plural Words a mountain that spits out something. it is a hole. they are red and have seeds in the middle of them and they are a fruit . it is like a test . you use it in the shower. Big
Power Words Activity or purpose natural to a person or thing; relationship or expression. To prove or sghow something to be just, right, or reasonable. To look at something closely and carefully to learn more about it; to find problems. To decide something important. To show how to do something clearly. Big
Predicate Adjective - Select the predicate adjective from the sentences and place them in the corresponding blanks. Lucy was brave.. The young girls were lovely.. He is very mean. . Brooke was cool.. Zach was friendly to me.. Older Children
Prefix and Suffix If you take the suffix out of abbreviation, what is the root word.. To consider something again is _________.. Re- To do something _________.. Is ( Polytechnic ) a prefix or suffix.. If you take out the prefix in preorder , what is the root word.. Older Children
Prefix Practice before. after. to put off for later. weather prediction. below the water. Hard
Prefixes HYPER (G). every, all (L). back again (L). EPI (G). with, together (G). Older Children
Prefixes Against; opposite . Over; excess; increased; abnormally high. Four. Same. Through. Big
Prefixes Spellings give new strengh. cause to be under water . spell (a word) wrongly. come or go back to a place . having all the necessary parts. Older Children
Prefixes, Suffixes, and Stems Being related to sound, hearing, or the study of sound. . A record piece of hearing.. / A professional who cut menís hair. This includes facial hair such as beards or mustaches.. A unit of energy equivalent to the heat necessary to increase the temperature of 1 kg of pure water by 1ļ C.. Going against a certain religion or nationality. . Hard
Re-Prefix to take something away. to put something in a different order. you can do this to some batteries when they run out. to get better after an illness. to jog somebody's memory. Older Children
Reading Comprehension Unit 1 Find the meaning of the word given beautifully and tastefully designed or decorated, graceful and attractive in appearance or behaviour. to make or become less severe, difficult, unpleasant, painful, etc. to provide amusement for (a person or audience); to keep a group of people interested or enjoying themselves. rich; affluent; wealthy; flourishing; successful, usually by earning a lot of money. to express or represent something such as an idea, thought, or fact; used to add emphasis to what you are saying; . Teenage
Root Words RV. compose. hit the books. h20. eyeball. Hard
Root Words Write in the root word corresponding to the clue words. versatile. mobile. geography, biography. visual, visualize. anthropology. Hard
SAT Vocabulary Cowardly. The peak . Intoxicated . To help or assist . Something extra. Hard
SAT Vocabulary Look at the clues and fill in each sentence with the appropriate vocabulary word. Children born in the twenty first century become spoiled at an early age and find modern technology, such as the iPad, to be ______.. Recent upgrades such as the iPhone 5 make people feel as they do not have the latest ________. (noun form). The audience applauded the _____ of the speech given by the presidential candidate from the Independent party at the debate.. The manís _______ to recount the incident led the investigator to believe he is not telling the whole truth. (noun form). Many ______ pictures exist such that people may see two different images in one picture.. Hard
SAT Vocabulary Practice calm; peaceful. narrow-minded, prejudiced person. harmful; poisonous; lethal. very talkative. confidently optimistic and cheerful. Hard
Science Vocabulary An area where living and non-living things interact.. The amount of mass per unit of volume.. How deep something is.. The total amount of dissolved salts in the ocean water.. Great rivers of water moving through the ocean.. Hard
Science Words A plant grows to expose itself to the most light. The molecules that give plastic their useful properties. Count these to see how old the tree is. Volcanic activity. Man made products that don't break when you drop them. Older Children
Senior Vocabulary a doctor who treats diseases that cause pain and stiffness in the back or the extremities. . a heart doctor. near-sighted, or, lacking a broad, realistic view of a situation; lacking foresight or discernment. a doctor of diseases of the nervous system. a peculiarity that serves to distinguish or identify. Hard
Sentences the repetition and arrangement of two key terms in a sentence using the ABBA pattern. . includes several similar rhetorical devices, all involving a grammatically correct linkage of two or more parts of speech by another part of speech. . is an adverb that connects two clauses. repetition of one word. contains two independent clauses. Hard
SH Words Read the clue and choose the correct sh word. They are white and fluffy.. When you drop a stone in the water it makes a ______.. You make this when you blow out birthday candles.. When you need to buy food you visit the _______.. Opposite of open.. Young Kids
Short E Use each clue to find the correct word A spider can make this.. You sleep outdoors in this.. You can fly in this.. Simple
Short Words 'Man's best friend'. A type of shoe worn during the winter. The food that chickens give us. The source of our oxygen. There are 5 on each foot. Simple
Short Words The laziest female dog we know. The thing right in the middle of your face. Something that dries you. Another word for shrub. 'Man's best friend'. Hard
Sight Words Something that suggests the presence or existence of a fact, condition, or quality. Gentle; kindly. A series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order.. A colorless fluid containing white blood cells. A piece of a homogeneous solid substance. Older Children
Silent 'b' words an explosion. To go up . A grave. money owed. A small bit of bread. Young Kids
Silent 'w' Words of, relating to, or belonging to whom or which. to what or which person. a circle of leaves or flowers bound together to be hung on doors, etc.. the joint between the hand and arm. a small fold or crease. Big
Silent Double Letters maybe. try again. spit. money. sharp. Older Children
Silent Letters Young sheep . A measurement of time. To be truthful . A person that inherits. A line on the skin. Hard
Silent letters: w, wr, mb, kn, gn part of an arm. to be stuck. a sharp instrument. has no feeling. used to smooth hair. Easy
Silent T Crossword To make softer. Type of house. To Settle down. Sound made by dry leaves. Loan to buy a house. Young Kids
Silent W and Silent K The _____ lived in a castle with King Arthur and protected him.. If you _______ carefully, you may hear the bird sing.. Please ______ me a letter.. I _____ you a postcard from Spain.. The boys love to get on the floor and __________. Not me!. Older Children
Similes as happy as a _____. as _____ as Venus. as alike as two _____. as _____ as a cucumber . as _____ as a swan. Easy
Simple Organic Compounds Vocabulary a compound that contains carbon. compounds that have the same chemical formula but are designed with a different structure. when two atoms share one pair of electrons. saturated hydrocarbons. two atoms that share two pairs of electrons. Hard
Size and Significance hardly enough; barely sufficient. large and luxurious; magnificent. vast; huge. the condition, state or quality of being huge; a great size. deficient or inferior in size, power, or importance. Big
Some Silent e Words to entertain with something pleasant. the smallest part of a word. an animal from the cat family. arguement or debate. something not done. Older Children
spell list . I ate my breakfast _______ watching tv. Small rodent that squeaks. Small branch or stick. To make a car move. Used to cut food. Simple
Spelling the out side of somthing. a man that kills others. a peice of clothing. they look after the people. people sent to a foreign country. Older Children
Spelling To bend down and roll up into a ball shape.. Antonym of 'before'.. Big elephants can always understand small elephants. Seedlings do this when they emerge from the soil.. An national Australian symbol of identity.. Older Children
spelling joyfull. mary poppins is a ......... ........... the house. let down. homemade fibre. Easy
Spelling Complete Crossword Puzzle the alloted time or funds for something or someone. the perpetrator of a crime. someone with this quality does not think before they react. the helper of a perpetrator of a crime. outrageous or unsightly. Older Children
spelling game . noise. opposite. rhyms with make. person. Older Children
Spelling strong. to like something more than another. to let do. to write over something. to pass out. Easy
Spelling Tightly stained muscles.. To cover or surmount with or as if with a crust.. Lack of trust.. The condition of being balanced.. Full of unrestrained enthusiasm or joy.. Big
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