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Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles

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Thanksgiving Crosswords

To view or print a Thanksgiving crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Happy Thanksgiving! The place where the Pilgrims landed. The Native American term for corn. Many people prefer this food mashed. How could Dan Quayle not spell this word?. The most common main course on Thanksgiving. A large meal, typically one in celebration of something. Big
Thanksgiving Pumpkin, cherry, apple.... season when Thanksgiving is celebrated. Month in which Thanksgiving is celebrated.. I say 'Gobble! Gobble!'. Another word for a lot of food.. Hard
Thanksgiving a dessert that can be made from apples, cherries, pecan, or pumpkin. on November 11th, we honor those who served their country. month that Thanksgiving is in. the main item on the Thanksgiving day table. what is cooked inside the turkey. Young Kids
Thanksgiving food remaining uneaten, saved for later use. sweet potatoes. Thanksgiving Day is an observed _______________.. the sound a turkey makes. juice pressed from apples. Easy
Thanksgiving town founded in 1620 by Pilgrams. fall season. English colonist leader's last name in the early days of Plymouth colony. usually sweet course or dish served at the end of a meal. food remaining uneaten, saved for later use. Big
Thanksgiving Thankful Words Grateful. Feeling of the heart. Meat eaten at Thanksgiving. When you smile. Bread dish. Young Kids
Thanksgiving The red berry. Sport commonly watched on Thanksgiving. What day of the week is this holiday. Thanksgiving bird. In 1620 the Pilgrims landed at what rock. Young Kids
Thanksgiving successful in material terms; flourishing financially. British term for soccer. plentiful. large, strange-looking bird that people commonly eat for Thanksgiving. a member of the past generations of one's family or people; an ancestor. Hard
Thanksgiving A pie made from a fist sized fruit. Yummy food special for this holiday. Feeling thankful for something. The people you live with. Sauce made from a small red fruit. Big
Thanksgiving Use these words to complete cross word puzzle After 66 days, settlers landed at Cape Cod, __________.. Thanksgiving is time to help others less fortunate than us. Pilgrims and Natives had abundance of wild __________, geese, duck, venison.. First settlers were the ________. Mixture of milk, honey, spices, roasted in hollowed Pumpkin made a _______dessert.. Hard
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