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1920's Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
7 a time of difficulties most commonly economically.
9 a treaty that was made after the great war, that went against germany
10 an organization formed to prevent future conflicts, the United States was not a part of this
13 this amendment prohibited alcohol in the US
14 the first woman to swim across the English Channel in 1926
16 the french mediator in the treaty of versailles
17 he was the one in charge of Germany when the treaty of versailles was done
18 american mediator in the treaty of versailles
20 it happened in 1929 and started in the United States, and it started by the crash of the stock market, it affected everyone.
1 the most important character created by walt disney. main character from disney.
2 political party in Germany that was active 1920 to 1945.
3 it is a book published by Adolf Hitler in 1925
4 the leader of the nazi party.
5 F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes this book: the
6 this is a problem during wars and during the great depression. it is when what happens when there is a lack of food.
8 a turf war made by Chicago mobsters to keep the control of trade. it happened on dec, 14 1929
11 british mediator in the treaty of versailles
12 the place where all economic trades are done
15 the nineteenth amendment is ratified allowing women the right to:
19 Charlie Chaplin's popular silent comedy
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