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1930's Crossword Puzzle Answer

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          R E C O V E R Y       E      
                    C           V      
            B E N N E T T       I      
                    S           C      
                F A S I S M     T      
                    I           I      
                    O           O      
          M A C K E N Z I E K I N G    
          A                       O    
          P R O S P E R I T Y     P    
          L                       H    
        B E N N E T T B U G G Y   E    
          L                       R    
        D E P R E S S I O N       S    
R E L I E F                            
          S O U P K I T C H E N        
          G                       D    
          A                   W   U    
          R I D I N G T H E R O D S    
          D                   O   T    
        R E G I N A R I O T   D   B    
          N       B           S   O   J
            D O L E           W   W   U
                  R           O   L   N
        D R O U G H T         R       G
                  A       B E T H U N E
                  R           H       L
              H I T L E R              
Across Down
2 jobs and production increased and there were more sales
4 leader of the conservatives
5 a form of dictator ship based on nationalism and rasism
6 the leader of the liberals
8 a time of many jobs and lots of money
9 a horse drawn carriage names after prime minister bennett
10 a time of very low sales and high unemployment
11 when eligible families are provided care from the government
12 food provided to the poor byt the government and the rich
15 riding the outside of a train from city to city
16 the homeless people striking against the government
19 people linning up for give aways if they are unemployed
20 no rain for a long period of time and all crops dried out
21 the doctor who invented the worlds first mobile blood transfusion
22 the leader o the largest party in germany
1 a time of few jobs/sales and lots of unemployment
3 getting forcefully removed from your home
6 where to toronto maple leafs hockey team played there home games
7 what prairie farmers ate for meat
13 when there was no rain in the prairies and it became a dry place with lots of dust and sand
14 leader of the CCF
17 the leader of the social credit party
18 an encampment for families located in low populated areas
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