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The Cold War Begins Crossword Puzzle

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The Cold War Begins

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Across Down
3 Secretary of State's plan to give European nations American aid to rebuild their economies to resist communism
4 Asian country divided at the 38th parallel between a communist north and democractic south
5 nations politically and economically dominated/controlled by another more powerful country
6 President of the US between 1953 - 1961
7 the practice of pushing a dangerous situation to the limit to force an opponent to back down
9 Truman's goal to aid countries who wished to resist the spread of communism
11 international organization comprised of 50 countries, responsible for international peace and security
13 Vice President who took over the presidency when FDR died
15 General fired by President Truman becauase he was accused of being insubordinate
20 Soviet
21 a mutual defense alliance formed in April 1949 between 12 countries
22 radioactive particles dispersed by a nuclear explosion
23 lying when one has sworn under oath to tell the truth
1 a systematic attempt to overthrow a government by using persons working secretly from within
2 location of an airlift that began in June 1948 symbolizing America's determination not to give in to Soviet demands
3 policy of threatening a massive response, including the use of nuclear weapons against Communist states trying to seize power
8 to express a formal disapproval of an action within the Senate
10 number of zones Germany was divided into after WWII
12 Soviet response to NATO by organizing this military alliance in Eastern Europe
14 political and military barrier that isolated Soviet-controlled countries of Eastern Europe after WWII
16 name given to Joseph McCarthy's tactic of damaging reputations with vague, unfounded charges
17 policy or process of preventing the expansion of a hostile power
18 Congressional committee formed in 1938 to investigate subversive activities in the US
19 name of couple charged with espionage and executed
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