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US History Crossword Puzzle

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US History

                                  1     2       3                    
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Across Down
6 William Penn's constitution of Pennsylvania which included a provision allowing for religious freedom
9 The 1st document of self government in North America
12 The legislature of Colonial Virginia. 1st organized in 1619, it was the 1st institution of representative government in the English Colonies
14 Items produced by the colonies and enumerated in acts of Parliament that could be legally shipped from the colony only to specified locations
17 Treaty negotiated by the Pope in 1494 to resolve the territorial claims of Spain and Portugal
19 Act passed in 1661 by king Charles II ordering a stop to religious persecution in Massachusettes
20 Violent conflict in Virginia beggining with settler attacks on Indians but culminating in a rebellion led by Nathaniel Bacon against Virginia's government
21 Relaxed Parliament laws, encouraged colonial prosperity
22 A colony created when the English monarch granted a huge tract of land to an individual or gourp who became 'Lord(s) Proprietor'
24 Martin Luther's challenge to the Catholic Church calling for a return to what he understood to be the purer practices and beliefs of the early church
25 Individuals who contracted to serve a master for a period of 4-7 years in return for payment of the servantís passage to America
1 Puritans emigration to North America between 1629-1643
2 The belief that God decided at the moment of Creation which humans would achieve salvation
3 An alliance between to Iroquois Confederacy and the colony of New York which sought to establish Iroquois dominance over all other tribes and thus put New York in an economical and political dominant position among all other colonies
4 All Europeann supporters of religious reform under Charles V's Holy Roman Empire
5 A group of wealthy Puritans who were granted a royal charter in 1629 to settle in Massachusettes Bay
7 French for 'woods runner', an independant fur trader in New France
8 Members of the Society of Friends who rejected formal theology, focusing on the Holy Spirit in their souls
10 Individuals who believed that Queen Elizabeth's reforms of the Church of England had not gone far enough in improving the church
11 Individuals who viewed themselves as spiritual wanderers
13 A medieval European social system in which land was divided into hundreds of small holdings
15 Economic system whereby the governemtn intervenes in the economy for the purpose of increasing national wealth
16 A series of laws passed in the late 16th and early 18th century to defend the status of slaves and codify the denial of basic civil rights to them
18 Tremendous religious revival in COlonial America striking first in the Middle Colonies and New England in the 1740's and spreading south
23 A group of London investors who sent ships to Chesapeake Bay in 1607
26 Intelectual movement stressin the importance of reason and existence of discoverable natural laws
27 The long struggle during which Spanish Christians reconquered the Iberian peninsula from Muslim occupiers
28 Members of an offshoot branch of Puritanism. Believed that the Church of England was too corrupt and they must separate to save their souls
29 The intellectual and artistic flowering in Europe during the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries sparked by a revival of interest in classical antiquity
30 The process of cultural and psychological change that results following a meeting between cultures
31 One who deals in slaves
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