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Abraham And Sarah Crossword Puzzle

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Abraham and Sarah

            1     2                                    
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Across Down
3 Why did Sarah lie?
9 Where to find God's promises?
12 How do we talk to God and ask for forgiveness?
14 The coming Savior.
15 Who died for us and gave us everlasting life?
16 Prophet who calls Sarah our spiritual mother?
17 True children of Abraham and Sarah.
19 Age of Sarah when she gave birth to son.
20 How did God seal his promise?
21 Covenant was established with which son?
22 Where did Hagar find a wife for Ishmael?
23 The Lord told Abram who would be strangers and enslaved for 400 years?
24 What it took for Abram and Sarai.
25 Where to find the Fruit of the Spirit.
27 Genesis 17 speaks of what covenant that was to last forever?
31 Lot's daughter's committed with their father.
33 How many children were born to Abraham?
34 Son of Hagar and Abram.
35 Who comforted Isaac after his mother's death?
37 Father of many.
39 God saves us by this and through our faith in his promises and not by our good work
41 What city did Terah and his family leave?
42 Near what city did Lot pitch his tents?
43 Abram built to the Lord.
44 Attributes of a woman of God.
1 Sarai's maidservant.
2 Mother of nations.
4 Fell upon pharoah's house.
5 First book of the Bible.
6 Who did Abraham marry following Sarah's death?
7 Father of Abram and Sarai.
8 Christian are to show this unconditionally.
10 Half sister and wife to Abram.
11 Who told Hagar to go back to her mistress?
12 What did God have for both Abraham and Sarah?
13 What did Abram and Sarai do when God told them they would have a son?
15 Son of Elizabeth and Zecharia.
18 Abraham sacrified as a burnt offering.
20 Place where Sarai and Abram left.
26 Even Christians do this.
28 Cave which Abraham bought, together with the field in which it stood, from Ephron the Hittite
29 What was Abraham going to do with Isaac at the command of God?
30 Because Abraham obeyed God, through what would all nations be blessed?
32 Causes tragedy and rash decisions.
36 Abram moved his tents near the great trees of Mamre at what city?
37 Husband of Sarai.
38 What does Paul suggest for Christian widow or widowers.
40 Abraham's nephew.
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