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Bible Crosswords

To view or print a Bible crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Abraham Genesis 12, 13 13:4 and where he had first built an ______. . 12:10 Now there was a ________ in the land,. 12:1 The LORD had said to Abram, '_______ your country, your people and your father's household . 12:17 But the LORD inflicted serious __________ on Pharaoh and his household because of Abram's wife Sarai. . 12:10 and Abram went down to _______ to live there for a while because the famine was severe. . Older Children
Abraham and Sarah The Lord told Abram who would be strangers and enslaved for 400 years?. Why did Sarah lie?. How do we talk to God and ask for forgiveness?. Prophet who calls Sarah our spiritual mother?. Son of Elizabeth and Zecharia.. Big
Acts 1:8 Fill in the words where they will fit. to. witnesses. shall. upon. Acts1:8. Teenage
Adam and Eve Adam and Eve did not obey God, so they would have to deal with ______ and thistles.. Who convinced Eve to take the fruit and eat it?. God took a ___ from Adam, and made a woman.. Adam named every creature or __________.. The Lord God formed man of the _____ of the ground.. Older Children
Adam and Eve What book is Adam and Eve from?. Adam and Eve used to live in............. The first man. Adam was made by.................. The fallen Angel. Big
Afraid of Snakes This puzzle comes from Numbers 21:4-9 What we hang a flag on.. Uncomfortable. Dry wells.. Opposite of a lot of bread.. Opposite of speaking for.. Hard
Alma 8 Who had a great hold on the hearts of the Ammonihites? v 9. What will happen to US when we are obedient?. The angel told Alma to warn the Ammonihites if they didn't repent what would happen? v 16. Who was the 1st person to possess the land of Ammonihah? v 7. This is how Alma responded to Lord's command to return to Ammonihah v 18. Big
Almost Pursuaded Paul Spoke to the King Name of the apostle. Name of the king. A Roman leader Paul wanted to see.. He blinded Paul on the road to Damascus. Governor of Caesarea. Teenage
Apostles Creed And the life______. The meaker of_____ and Earth. The________ of saints. I believe in the Holy______. Suffered under_______. Older Children
Baby Moses What did Jochebed make for Moses?. What was the name of Moses' father?. Who was watching Moses' on the river side?. What was the name of the baby in the basket?. Who found baby Moses?. Older Children
Beginning of the Gospels Bible Translation is ESV Where Mary and Joseph settled to live (Matthew 2:23). The prophet who predicted John the Baptist's ministry (Mark 1:2). The father of Jotham (Matthew 1:9). John's name for Pharisees (Matthew 3:7). Town close to where John the Baptist did his baptizing (John 1:28). Hard
Beliefs about Creation Christians believe that we have a duty to care for the planet. . God is all powerful. . The book in the Bible containing the Creation story. . A Christian that believes that everything written in the Bible is completely true. . Christians believe that God created the world out of nothing.. Big
Bible What does 'Torah' mean?. The historical books describe the breakup of what nation?. In Israel's slavery of Egypt, the Israelites escape under the leadership of whom?. What book was written to show that God had revealed true wisdom to Israel? The book of _______. The five books Pantateuch are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and _______. Hard
Bible a preposition. a definite article used before the noun. singular pronoun used in first person. a spoken or written reply. used instead of I in the predicate after the verb. Easy
Bible Characters Wrote second longest book of the Bible. One of the 'minor prophets'. One of the writers of Proverbs. Wrote six books of the Bible. One of the spies who gave a positive report. Big
Bible Definitions you need to find the word to the defenition the concrete or stone structure that supports a building from beneath. all knowing. God and His Word. a charachteristic or quality belonging to specific person. a short story that contains biblical truths for our lives. Big
Bible Facts You Should Know Son of David & Bathsheba. Number of Old Testament Books. Second King of Israel. The son of promise.. One-third who dared defy Nebuchanezzar.. Big
Bible Geography Locations Mentioned in Matthew through Revelation A city where Christ's disciples were first called 'Christians'. A city in Galilee. A road where Jesus met two travelers. The city of David. Name of the brook flowing between Jerusalem and Gethsemane. Hard
Bible Timeline What God made. The 400 years between the OT and NT are called the _____years. Men who told Israelites what God told them to say. Built a big boat. Led his people out of Egypt. Older Children
Bible Trivia Jesus of . bread of. fruit of the. David and. an apostle of. Older Children
bible Trivia 2 Jesus was crowned with one of these. How we communicate with God . Jesus resurrected him. Satan covered him in boils. Bible book after Matthew, mark,Luke and John . Hard
Bible Verse Psalms 118:18. Acts 2:24. Jeremiah 8:3. Proverbs 18:21. Romans 6:9. Older Children
Biblical Account of Adam and Eve Satan. the tendency towards sin, as a result of Original Sin. the state of complete harmony of our first parents with themselves, with each other, and with all of creation. the biblical Revelation about the origins of sin and evil in the world, expressed figuratively in the account of Adam and Eve in Genesis. source of life. Teenage
Biblical Facts Blinded on the road to Damascus. Swallowed by a whale. Stoned to death. Raised from the dead. Number of commandments. Hard
Birth of The Prince of Peace The Old Testament prophet that spoke of the Prince of Peace.. To wrap tightly. Where did Mary lay Jesus?. What was the name of Jesus' mother?. Where was there 'no room'?. Older Children
Book of Joshua Moses told the people that his _________, Joshua, was chosen by God. Jonah, the great prophet, was in the belly of a great ____. The descendants of Abraham will be exiled in a foreign land where, for four hundred years, they will be _________. The people passed over on ____ ground. Changed his name from Hoshea to Yahshua. Older Children
Book of Matthew I baptized Jesus in the River Jordan and later beheaded. An_________appeared to Joseph in his dream. Virgin mother of Jesus. Husband of Mary. Matthew 28:19-20 is known as 'The Great _____________' . Older Children
Books of the Bible Swallowed by a fish. Son of Amoz. Invasion of locusts. Means 'Yahweh Remembers'. Lord's anger against Nineveh. Teenage
Books of the Bible Old Testament 2 16th Book/ Man of Perseverance. Name Means 'Help', #15 Book. 5th Book of History/10th Book in the O.T.. 8th Minor Prophet/Forced to see Evil. 10th Minor Prophet/Name means 'My Holiday'. Big
Cain and Abel What did god put on Cain to protect him? (4). Cain working the soil, he was a ___. (6). God wants us to give out___to HIm. (4). What was Abel's offering to God? (4). God told Cain to ___ his sin? (6). Big
Cain and Abel A farm animal that produces wool . A person who grows and harvests food . The first male created by God. Something people would make to say ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’ . A settled way of thinking or feeling about something. Easy
Cain and Abel you will find all the answers in Genesis chapter 4 A person who grows crops. The name for a group of sheep. Who would Cain and Abel have celebrated Father's Day with. I am the younger brother. This happens to you when you have done something wrong. Big
Christmas Story From Luke 1-2 Mary's cousin. no room here. Joseph's lineage. governor of Syria. Caesar Augustus taxed all of this. Older Children
Commandments 1-3 This is the worship of false gods.. We should ____________________________ in God above all things.. You shall not _______ the name of the Lord your God.. The holy day set aside for rest and attention to God's Word is called the __________.. Using God's name in order to perform spells.. Teenage
Creation Story~Old Testament What did god do on the first day?. Did God do it for a reason? Yes or no?. How many days are there in the creation story?. What was his form when he came to Earth?. What was his emotion when he created the world?. Big
Crossing the Jordan Where God's people were going to live. Sticks and ________. Opposite of wet. Another word for strength. You, us, we, everyone. Older Children
Crumbs For the Dogs The woman's daughter was possessed by?. Jesus loves ... . There is neither Jew nor?. Who wanted to send the woman away?. Jesus ... the woman's daughter . Easy
Daniel and His Friends Obeyed God king of Babylon. boys were ______ than the wise men. what Daniel asked the man in charge for. how boys looked after 10 days. why God was happy with them. Big
Daniel's Integrity The king of Babylon.. Daniel and his friends still looked _________ and strong after only eating vegetables and water.. They didn't eat the king's food because they wanted to _____ God. . Whoever walks in ___________ walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out. . What Daniel and his friends asked to eat instead of the King's food. Big
David Plays For Saul King of Israel. was loved by Saul. what David played for Saul. a way to encourage others. a harp-like instrument. Big
David Returns Kindness to Jonathan grandfather to Mephibosheth and father of Jonathan. how Mephibosheth may have felt when David wanted to see him at the palace. was ordered to farm the land. king. dropped Mephibosheth. Big
Death and Resurrection of Jesus What part of the soldier did Peter cut with his sword?. Jesus was crucified at the place of the --------. What was the meal Jesus had with his friends before he died called?. Who did the High Priest ask Jesus who he was?. What did the soldier say that Jesus was when Jesus died?. Hard
Descent of the Holy Spirit Fill in the boxes with the correct words. What the diciples devoted themselves to while waiting for the Holy Spirit . Who baptized Jesus. The communication of the fruits of Christ's Paschal mystery in the celebration of the Church's 'Sacramental' liturgy. God communicates to us through this. One of the days there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Big
Do you know your bible? Ezekiel had a vision of a wheel in the middle of a what?. Jesus taught the multitude in what format?. What type of leaf did the dove bring to Noah?. How many daughters did Jacob have?. Paul's death is recorded in what book of the bible?. Teenage
Elijah and Elisha birds that fed Elijah. Elisha's servant. owned a vineyard. animals who ate Jezebel. appeared with Jesus and Elijah. Big
Elijah on Mount Carmel Elijah placed his sacrifice on the?. False gods have no what?. What did Elijah pour on the alter?. What did they use for the sacrifice?. Who was King Ahab's wife?. Big
Epaphroditus and the Shunammite He was a prophet.. Where Epaphroditus went to care for Paul.. Those who care for us and help us are called our - - - - - - -.. Paul wrote these to the churches.. Paul was a helper to all these in the N. Testament.. Hard
Ephesians Answer the question, or complete the sentence, then look for a/the word in the puzzle What should we give thanks for? . What is the bond that keeps the unity of the Spirit? . What does Paul desire the people not to do at his tribulations for them? . In what are we to walk? . When were we chosen? . Big
Ephesians 2 He might show the exceeding riches of his. We are his. Having no. But God, who is rich in. Even when we were dead in. Older Children
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