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Absolutism Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 The political belief that one ruler should hold all of the power within the boundaries of a country.
2 They created new ___________ bureaucracies to control their social gatherings.
4 Their goal was to control every aspect of....
7 The economy class that was growing during this time.
8 The idea that God created the monarchy
9 Territorial and ___________ conflicts between states led to almost continuous warfare.
10 The ______ authority also broke down during the late Middle ages and Reformation.
11 Absolute Monarchy was created in the _____________ century.
13 This type of government was dominating Europe at the time
14 Absolute Monarchy declares that the monarchy holds ultimate _____ over the government.
1 Kings or queens who held all of the power within their states' boundaries
3 Absolutism was established during the reign of ______ XIII
5 The person that an absolute monarch answers to
6 Monarchs tried to improve _________ by increasing their own power.
12 The country that Absolutism was practiced in.
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