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Africa-era OF Independence Crossword Puzzle

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Africa-Era of Independence

find the word that fits the description!!

                                      1       2
        13                                   14  
Across Down
5 Made in the 30s, a military nationalist party that sided with the Muslim Brotherhood
6 In industrialized economies, industrial crops/food in high demand
7 Industrialized nations' ability to keep economic colonialism without political colonialism
8 South African authority figure who was in prison for a long time; a part of African National Congress; he worked with ANC leadership & de Klerk's followers
9 African American leader who disagreed with the apartheid system just like Nelson Mandela did
10 Use of improved seed strains, fertilizers, and irrigation to produce more crops such as rice, wheat, & corn
11 In 80s and 90s, a white South African prime minister; he worked with African Congress & Nelson Mandela
12 Zones in South Africa, under apartheid, made for ethnolinguistic groups within the African American population
13 A practice that emphasizes the literal interpretation of texts special to the religion
15 Began by Hasan al-Banna in 1928, an Egyptian nationalist movement
1 In 1952, took control in Egypt after a military takeover; ratified land reforms and used state materials to shrink unemployment
2 The ruler of Egypt after Gamal Abdel Nasser; tried to get rid of state programs that cost too much
3 Opposed apartheid; organizer of Black Consciousness movement in South Africa; killed in police custody
4 An African American political administration that wanted policies of apartheid to end
14 President of Egypt after Anwar Sadat, 1981-2011, continued polices of cooperation w/ the West
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