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AG II Parliamentary Procedure Crossword Puzzle

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Ag II Parliamentary Procedure

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Across Down
4 Minimum number of members that must be present at a meeting for legal business to be transacted
6 Kills the main motion
8 Motion used to bring the assembly to an immediate vote on one or more pending questions
9 Requests information from the maker of a motion
10 Those committees appointed by the President or contained in a motion presented by a member
11 First item in the order of business
12 Seeks to avoid the breaking of any parliamentary rule and to insist on enforcement of rules
14 Used to send a pending motion to a small group for further study
15 1/2 of members present at any meeting plus 1
16 Avoids formality of motions, voting on routine business and questions of little importance
17 Temporarily stop a specific rule
20 Suspend further consideration of an issue
1 To change the intent or purpose of the original motion
2 When a member disagrees with the vote as announced by the President
3 End of a meeting
5 Most common motion, used to conduct business.
6 Obtain advise on parliamentary procedure
7 Gives a time limit or topic limit of debate
13 To secure another vote by allowing further consideration of a question
18 committees found in the Program of Activities
19 Call an intermission
21 Calls meeting to order
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