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Age OF Exploration Crossword Puzzle

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Age of Exploration

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Across Down
2 anciente civilization that was located in present day Peru
4 led by him the Portuguese defeated the Muslims
8 to buy goods from another country
9 helped navigators find magnetic North
10 first to sail around the tip of Africa to India's coast
11 the science of mapmaking
14 gave aid to the Netherlands by allowing privateers to attack the Spanish Armada
15 to sell goods to another country
16 system in which people, not the government, own property & make goods
17 the idea that a country gains power by compiling a large supply of gold & silver
18 territory that belonged to Spain before it's people became Protestant
20 sailed west looking for a route to Asia & landed on the Americas
21 groups of merchants working together by buying stocks
23 defeated the Aztecs
24 most important/main reason
26 what people want to buy & how much they are willing to pay
27 a settlement of people living in a new territory controlled by their home country
1 sailed west encountered a large island & named it newfoundland
3 he entered the St. Lawrence River
5 device used to find latitude
6 what people sell and at what price
7 set up trading posts in Southern Asia after defeating the Muslims
9 the buying & selling of goods in large amounts over long distances
11 peasants worked from their homes
12 defeated the Incas
13 this explorer & his crew were the first to circumnavigate the world
19 ancient civilization that was located in present day Mexico
22 smaller & faster ships designed by the Portuguese
25 to put money in a project/business
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