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Age OF Exploration Crossword Puzzle

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Age of Exploration

Fill in the crossword with terms from the Age of Exploration.

                                  1       2     3  
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            20 21         22                          
Across Down
2 The _____ East India Company was more powerful than England's.
7 What city did Portugal attack in 1511?
10 Dutch controlled the Cape of ________ at Africa.
13 Who was Portugal's most enthusiastic exploration funder?
15 Which Italian sea captain convinced Spain to finance them?
17 The Treaty of ________ was signed to honor the Line of Demarcation.
18 Line of _________ divided the Atlantic Ocean for Spain and Portugal.
19 What city did Portugal capture in 1510?
20 What kind of school did Prince Henry found?
23 What was the main reason for European exploration?
24 What country did explorers originally want a sea route to?
25 Who was the first Portuguese sailor at the tip of Africa?
1 What geometrical shape did the caravel use?
3 What ship was able to sail against the strong winds?
4 What navigation device did the Muslims perfect?
5 In 1521, a Spanish expedition led by _______ arrived in the Philippines.
6 Which Pope helped decrease tensions between the rivalry countries?
8 Englishmen built a successful business trading what?
9 What Chinese device allowed sailors to track their direction?
11 Where did Portugal build a fort to strengthen their hold on exploration?
12 Desire to spread what religion fueled exploration?
14 What country led in exploration innovations?
16 Where did the Dutch build their headquarters?
21 What country did Portugal believe they had to sail around to reach Asia?
22 The _______ increased between Spain and Portugal.
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