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Age OF Exploration Crossword Puzzle

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Age of Exploration

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Across Down
1 A group of fierce warriors from Northern Europe who raided fellow Europeans for goods
4 Coronado arrived here in 1535
5 A device that replaced the astrolabe since it was more accurate
10 An attempt to correct errant teachings and practices in Christianity performed by the Roman Catholic Church in Europe
11 Device usable only on land and helped determine one's latitude location
12 A Catholic monk who got excommunicated from Catholic Church because he criticized the Catholic Church and pope
16 The tradition home of the Vikings
17 Trade routes connecting Europe with East Asian merchants
19 The 'rebirth' of education, science, art, literature, music and a better life for people
22 Port Columbus sailed from in August 1492
23 When sailors overthrow their captain and take over the ship
24 A story that told the history of the Vikings
2 An inventor of the first European printing press
3 Device usable on land or sea that helped determine one's latitude location
4 He inspired many Europeans with his visits to China
6 A device used to tell the direction one is traveling in, or from which the winds are blowing
7 A person who buys and sells commodities for profit
8 What a pueblo was
9 The first Viking to reach North America and establish a settlement there around 1003 A.D.
13 Columbus's birthpalce
14 The occupation of Columbusís father
15 The only ship that return from Ferdinand Magellanís expedition
18 A new type of ship which could travel further and faster, all the while carrying more cargo in its hold
20 Port that Magellan sailed on September 20,1519
21 An European explorer who enslaved the natives of the land that he discovered
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