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Age OF Sail Crossword Puzzle

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Age of Sail

                            3       4            
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Across Down
4 Controls a load and moves it from side to side
5 Steel posts secured to the pier used for mooring vessels
7 Drop and get clear of the line
8 The way to get on or off a vessel in port
9 The very end of a line, not attached to anything
10 Vertical Spar
12 Area forward where common sailors sleep
13 Let a line out, hand under hand
15 Largest sails made for sailing before the wind
16 The part of the line secured to the vessel
18 At or towards the bow
19 The end of a line attached to a load
21 A lightweight line for throwing, it attaches to hawsers
24 Used for holding a long boat over the side of a large vessel or pier
25 Specially shaped piece of wood or metal used for tying off a line
26 Kitchen
27 Small posts secured through the deck of the vessel for fastening lines to
28 Pull all together on someone's command
29 Back of a vessel
1 Horizontal spar
2 Right side of a vessel, when looking forward
3 Comes from the upper part of a block and tackle, moves a load up and down
6 Stop and hold on
9 Pulley and rope system used for mechanical advantage
11 Smaller sails used for stability
14 A large line used to secure a vessel to the pier
17 Front of a vessel
18 Raised deck near the bow
20 Left side of a vessel, when looking forward
21 Pull on a line, hand over hand
22 At or towards the stern
23 Used for measuring the depth of the water
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