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All About Alcohol Crossword Puzzle

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All about Alcohol

Across Down
2 I am an action. I happen when someone drinks more than 4 or more drinks in one sitting. (ginbe ndrniikg)
3 I occur when you drink to much, or to often, or at an inappropriate time. (lcohoa buase)
4 I am a drug, I cause intoxication. I am gound in wine, beer, and liquor (hoocla)
5 I am a disease, but not like the others. I cause a person to lose control of his or her drinking behavior. (mcohollisa)
6 I am a condition. I deal with family member and friends. I occur when they sacrifice their needs to meet the needs of an addict. (edeccopendny)
7 I am produced by drinking alcohol. I can cause physical and mental changes. (tctiionxiano)
9 I am a person. I agree not to drink in order to drive others safely. (gndedsaite rrivd)
10 I am a disease. I turn healthy liver tissue into scar tissue. (horriissc)
11 I am a person. I help addicts avoid negative consequences due to his or her behavior. (benlinga)
1 I am very complex. I am a set of physical and mental defects that affect the fetus due to mothers consumption of alcohol. (ltaef coholla drmyoesn)
8 I am expressed in a percentage. I measure the amount of alcohol in the blood. I am written in three letters for short.
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