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All About Trees Crossword Puzzle

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All About Trees

Use your knowledge of trees to compete the crossword below.

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Across Down
4 A plant that grows for more than two years; means 'through the years'.
6 A plant that does not flower and produces a 'naked' seed.
7 Structures that transport water, sugars, and nutrients to and from leaf cells.
10 A complex organic molecule that gives wood its strength and rigidity.
13 A plant that completes its lifecycle in one year.
14 A plant that flowers and produces a protected seed.
17 A sheet of cells that runs across the grain of a tree and allows nutrients to travel laterally through the trunk.
18 Contains the phloem of a tree which transports sugars from the leaves to the roots of a tree for storage.
19 These anchor a tree in place and collect water and minerals in the ground.
20 The canopy of a tree; where leaves are found.
21 A tree with lightweight wood typically characterized by fast growth.
22 An underdeveloped shoot that may remain dormant before developing into a stem, leaf, or flower.
24 Made from the living xylem in a tree which transports water and nutrients.
1 A complex organic molecule that gives wood its strength and rigidity.
2 The annual growth rings on a tree.
3 The stalk of a leaf.
4 The process by which light is converted into sugars in a tree's leaves.
5 A term to describe plants that have conducting tissues to transport water and nutrients.
8 Conducting tissue that transports food, minerals, and water in a tree.
9 Conducting tissue that transports water and minerals in a tree.
11 Tightly-woven lignin and cellulose that makes up the structure of a tree.
12 The protective outside layer of a tree.
15 A tree with dense wood typically characterized by slow growth.
16 Made from the non-living xylem in a tree.
23 The edge of a leaf blade. Can be toothed, lobed, or entire.
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