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Amendment 1 Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Amendment 1

                    R   V               P          
                    E   I               E          
                    P   O               A         M
                    O   L               C     C   E
                    R   E               E     R   E
                    T   N               F     I   T
                    E   C               U     T   I
                  F R E E D O M O F R E L I G I O N
                  R                           C   G
              F R E E D O M O F S P E E C H   I   S
                  E                           Z    
                  D                     P     E    
              P R O H I B I T I N G     R     D    
                  M                     O          
                  O                     T     Y    
                  F R E E D O M O F T H E P R E S S
                  A         N           S     A    
G R I E V A N C E S         E           T     R    
                  S                   P       B    
                  E S T A B L I S H M E N T   O    
                  M         A         T       O    
    C O M M E N T B O X     W         I       K    
      P           L                   T       S    
      I       T W E N T Y S E V E N   I            
      N                               O            
      I                               N            
Across Down
6 the gov't can not force people to have a certain religion
7 the gov't can shorten a person ability to speak
9 forbidding something by law
11 cannot limit a newspaper article
13 a protest to a cause
15 to organize a set a rules on a permanent basis
17 in ms. seito's classroom you are allowed to state your opinion in her _____
19 there are _____ total amendments
1 the congress can not limit a news _______ story
2 the gov't can stop meetings if it involves _________
3 people are allowed to have ________ meetings discussing the gov't
4 you are allowed to form these with others to discuss a cause
5 you have the rights to ______ the gov't without getting in trouble
6 gov't cannot have a law to meet with people
8 statement or action expressing disapproval about something
10 at schools, _________ are allowed to choose pictures they want in it
12 amendment ____ explain your rights of free speech, religion and the press
14 allows people to complain about the law
16 there is no ____ of having a certain religion
18 expressing your _______ on an important gov't topic is allowed
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