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American Colonies Crossword Puzzle

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American Colonies

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Across Down
6 Religious movement in the English colonies in the early 1700s
9 A 1649 Maryland law that provided religious freedom for all Christians
11 German-speaking Protestants who settled in Pennsylvania
12 A 1676 raid led by Nathaniel Bacon against the governor and Native Americans in Virginia
13 The middle colonies including New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.
15 Willingness to let others practice their own beliefs
16 English colony in which the king gave land to proprietors in exchange for a yearly payment
17 Belief that one race is superior to another
20 Boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland that divided the Middle Colonies from the Southern Colonies
1 Owner of a large estate in a Dutch colony
2 Plant used to make valuable blue dye
3 Person who cannot pay money he or she owes
4 Protestant reformers who believe in the equality of all people
5 A 1639 plan of government in the Puritan colony in Connecticut
7 Colony under the direct control of the English crown
8 Meeting in colonial New England where settlers discussed and voted on issues
10 Group of English Protestants who settled the Massachusetts Bay Colony
14 Elected representative assembly in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
18 Holy day of rest
19 Highest social class in the 13 English colonies
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