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American Politics Crossword Puzzle

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American Politics

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Across Down
4 Proclamations made by the President that change government policy without congressional approval.
6 An opinion formed on the spot.
7 A set of objectives outlining the party’s issue positions and priorities in order to appeal to the voting populace.
9 The Declaration of Independence defines them as “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.
10 Checks and balances/a system in which each branch of government has some power over the others.
11 The elected leader of the House of Representatives.
12 Describes what the population thinks about politics and government.
1 What is the system for implementing decisions made through the political process.
2 The division of power across the local, state, and national governments.
3 Full faith and credit/Part of Article IV of the Constitution says that each state’s laws be honored by other state’s is the ____ _____ ___ _____ clause.
5 What is the system of having two chambers within the legislative body.
8 The process that determines what government does is called __________.
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