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American Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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American Revolution

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Across Down
11 The goal was to get the King to listen to their demands, created the Continental Army and sent the Olive Branch Petition to the King
12 was a tremendous help during Valley Forge making clothes and nursed the sick
14 act of rebellion by the Sons of Liberty destroying British Cargo
16 sent to King George as a last attempt at peace.
17 Prussian military officer that trained the army to fight more effectively at Valley Forge (last name)
19 compromised by continuing the boycotting, preparing the militia and sending the Declaration of Rights to the King
22 naval hero and is known as the father of the Navy
23 place where the troops spent a long, cold terrible winter training.
24 Famous quote: Give me Liberty or Give me Peace.
25 document written by Thomas Paine stating why the Colonists should break away from Britain.
26 peace treaty ending the American Revolution.
27 colonial Army - led by George Washington
29 Famous quote - “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country”
1 he and other riders warned the colonists that the British were coming
2 American militia who got their name because they were able to be ready quickly
3 French commander that help with the training of soldiers at Valley Forge and led several battles (last name)
4 what the colonists called the British soldiers because of their jackets
5 president of the 2nd Continental Congress. First person to sign the Declaration of Independence (last name)
6 convinced the French to join the war effort on the side of the Americans. (last name)
7 Where the “shot heard around the world” was fired
8 battle the showed the British that the colonists were not going to be easily defeated.
9 leader of the Continental Army (last name)
10 document that changed the purpose of the war from fighting for rights to fighting for Independence.
13 Major sea battle victory for American Navy
15 place where the militia were storing weapons and supplies. Gage sent troops there to capture the supplies and patriot leaders. Stopped the British advance and caused them to retreat.
18 last battle of the war where the British surrendered
20 what the leaders of the revolution and signers of the Declaration of Independence would be charged with if they lost the war
21 Turning point of the war. It showed France that the Americans could win the war and they became our allies.
28 Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Night and caught the Hessians off guard.
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