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Ancient Egypt Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient Egypt

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Across Down
4 Goddess of moisture
6 River that provided the Egyptians with fertile soil every year
7 Traditionally the ultimate god that the Egyptians praised
9 Jars that held organs of a dead body, the jars were stored in the tombs
10 Original god of the dead, portrayed with the head of a jackal
11 The sea that Egyptians used most for their trade route
12 God of vegetation and patron of the underworld
14 Red and white crown that symbolized unity
17 The Egyptians form of writign
19 Process of preserving a dead body
21 A natural process that preserved bodies due to the rapid drying of the bodies
23 Monument with head of pharaoh and the body of a lion
1 Queen, mother of tutankhamen
2 Pharaoh that practiced monotheism and worshipped Aton
3 Pharaoh that was considered the 'Napoleon of Egypt'
4 Became pharaoh at age 9, son of Akhenaton
5 Rectangular structures that had tombs, origin of the pyramid
8 Place where kings and queens were buried without individual pyramids
13 First pyramid to have accurate structure (two words)
15 Mother-figure, goddess of female fertility
16 Earth god
18 British Earl who funded the expedition of the archaeologists who found Tutankhamen's tomb
20 First powerful female ruler (was often portrayed with a beard)
22 Name of of step pyramid, it was essentially six Mastabas stacked on top of eachother
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