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Ancient Greece Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Ancient Greece

                            C H O R U S       C O M E D Y
                                  I     H     I          
                                  N     E     T          
                                  C     R   D I R E C T  
                        D E L P H I     O     Z          
                                  P     D   D E B A T E D
                                  L     O     N          
                      P   M A T H E M A T I C S          
                L     E     R           U                
              P A N C R A T I U M   M   S   D            
                T     I     S       Y       O            
        T R A G I C   C     T       T       R            
                T     L   P A N A T H E N A I C          
          M     U     E     R       S       C            
F R E I Z E     D     S     C           A                
          T     E       J   H I P P O C R A T E S        
          O             U   U   A   L   I   H   O        
          P Y T H A G O R U S   R   Y   S   U   C        
V O L U M E   H         Y       T   M   T   C   R        
          S   E       V         H   P   O   Y   A G O R A
              A       O         E   I   T   D   T        
        P L A T O   C I T I Z E N   C   L   I   E L E C T
              R       C         O   S   E   D   S        
              E       E         N           E            
  P H I D I A S                         M U S C L E S    
Across Down
2 In a Greek drama, the ________ was a group of men who recited lines that commented on the actions of the main characters.
3 one of the forms of Greek drama
5 Athens is considered to be this form of democracy
6 The city dedicated to Apollo which had a famous oracle, was known as ___________
7 In Athens, individual citizens_________ and voted on every issue
9 Euclid was famous for his creation of a book on the topic of
12 one of the events of the Panathenaic games in which contestants were allowed to punch, kick, and even choke eachother
15 Awards were given to playwrites in the following categories: ________ playwrite and comic playwright
16 games which honored the goddess Athena
18 the band of sculptures above the columns of a Greek temple or building
21 “Father of Medicine”
26 mathematician who created a famous formula regarding the length of the sides of a right triangle
28 Archimedes measured ____________ using water displacement
30 philosophers often met in the sheltered spaces on the side of the __________, or the Greek marketplace
31 Philosopher – Was taught by Socrates – wrote down everything he said – created the Academy (school) and wrote The Republic
32 In Athens, one had to be ______ in Athens to become a citizen with voting rights.
33 A key difference in the modern U.S. form of democracy is that citizens __________ representatives to speak for them and make laws.
34 Greek sculptor who designed the figures that line the frieze on the Parthenon and the statue of Athena
35 Greek sculptors made more realistic statues in natural poses which often showed detailed ____________
1 A common _____________________ shared between Athenians and modern citizens in democracies is that of pride to control your own destiny.
3 In the U.S. there are routes for people from other countries to become ________________.
4 wrote an account of the Persian Wars
8 In the Parthenon, Athena's statue had the carvings of two faces: Phidias and ______
10 first to suggest the Earth revolved around the sun
11 part of a system of imaginary lines first designed by Ptolemy
13 According to ____________, the home of the gods was Mount Olympus
14 The simplest style of Greek columns
17 the sculptures on a Greek building or temple
19 Philosopher – Was taught by Plato – took Socrates’ method of inquiry and applied it to the sciences – Taught Alexander the Great – Studied humans, plants, & animals – Was a pioneer in Biology, Zoology, & Botany
20 In both Athenian democracy and our democracy today, citizens have the right to vote and serve on a _______.
22 As a part of his beautification plan, Pericles commissioned the construction of the __________________.
23 games held every four years to honor Zeus
24 famous for his account of the Peloponnesian Wars and for recording Pericles speeches
25 Philosopher – Taught by asking questions – Accused of corrupting the minds of the youth
27 Greek ______________ were shaped like a bowl, so that everyone could hear
29 The word telephone is made up of the Greek words tel, meaning 'far off,' and phone meaning '____________.'
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