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Archery Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 The body or stem of the arrow
4 Any or all of an archer's equirpment - an archer's gear
9 The number of archers allowed to pull arrows from a target at t time
10 Any material designed to stop arrows. A target face is pinned on these
13 A straight bow that has only one curve when strung
14 A type of arrow used for practice and hunting small game such as squirrels
15 In target archery, six arrows shot consecutively into the gold zone
19 The least expensive arrow material
20 What you are doing to an arrown when you place it on the string and the bow
21 The type of arrows used in hunting big game
23 The heaviest of all mainstream arrow shaft materials. These arrows are not as straight as aluminum or carbon fiber, but they are less expensive
25 Relaxing the fingers that hold the bow string, allowing the string to escape to propel the arrow
26 Fletchings used to limit the range of an arrow
28 The amount of force needed to pull the bowstring back the length of the arrow
31 Used for carrying or storing arrows
33 A style of archery in which no sights or other shooting aids are used
35 Number of colors on a traditional archery target
36 A bow designed to be shot similarly to a gun - a bow with a trigger
39 To slowly release tension from full draw without releasing the arrow
40 To draw an arrow so far that the point passes the face of the bow
42 Someone who makes or services bows
1 Stands for 'Archery Trade Association'
3 The traditional term for a bow string
5 An essential piece of archery safety equipment, usually made of plastic or tough leather
6 A bow that curves back on itself
7 The stiffness of an arrow shaft relative to its thickness, weight, and length
8 A bow made out of more than one material
9 Equipped with too strong a bow - for the person or the situation
11 A bow with a cable system that makes it easier to draw
12 The distance a bow can shoot an arrow - similar term used in fishing
16 A style of archery that allows stabilizers and pin sights, but not release aids or optical sights
17 The newest type of arrow shaft material - the lightest, strongest, & most expensive
18 The outer side of a bow, the farthest away from the string
20 The notched tip of the arrow that seats on the string of the bow
22 Number of blasts on a whistle that indicates you can 'Retrieve your Arrows'
24 The point or tip of the arrow
26 An arrows feathers or plastic vanes
27 The upper or lower part of the bow that bends when the bowstring is drawn
28 The dangerous practice of shooting a bow withou an arrow
29 Arrows made of this material are straighter than wood and do not warp, but they can bend if they hit a hard surface with enough force
30 The path of an arrow in flight
32 Number of blasts on a whistle that indicates you can 'Step to the shooting line'
34 The action of pulling back the bow string, preparing to aim & shoot the arrow
37 The position you assume when you shoot
38 The 'Arrowhead' of the bow
41 The handle part of a compound bow
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