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Archery Crossword Puzzle

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Terms used in Archery

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1 The surface of the bow facing the archer when drawing the bow, the side with the bowstring.
5 A primitive hand-held device used for throwing a spear.
6 The bow surface facing away from the archer when the bow is being drawn.
7 A term for the process of gluing or tying feathers to an arrow shaft.
8 An arrow point with cutting edges used for bowhunting.
9 One who uses a bow and arrow.
11 This term comes from a medieval word meaning 'fist measure,' and was used as a method of measuring brace height.
14 A sheath positioned on the bow arm that prevents the bowstring from slapping the arm or catching sleeves.
17 A weapon made of a long piece of material, with a cord that connects the two ends.
19 Leather that comes from the rear end of a horse that has a smooth texture. Used on shooting gloves and tabs to allow a smooth release of the bowstring.
20 To tilt the bow off center when shooting so as to remove the bow's sight window from view.
21 A person who crafts, builds or makes traditional bows.
1 A length of wood used in making selfbows. Billets are split from a side by side position in the same log to obtain similar limb performance characteristics, and spliced in the handle section of a bow.
2 A device normally attached from the belly limb of a bow to the string, making a sound when the archer reaches full draw. Useful in solving target panic and for learning when full draw is achieved.
3 The farthest distance a bow will shoot an arrow.
4 Can be any specific point on the body used as a location to anchor the archer's hand at full draw, most often a spot on the face, such as the corner of the mouth.
7 The tapered piece of wood that fades out into the limb from the riser.
8 The string used to draw a bow.
10 A straight, slender rod, usually fletched and tipped, that is the projectile shot from a bow.
12 A tall, slender wooden case used to hold bows and arrows.
13 The cone-shaped portion of a broadhead that fits over the tapered end of an arrow.
15 The middle part of the bow handle
16 One who shoots with, or is skilled in the use of, a bow and arrow.
18 A conical arrow point having three or four sides. At one time used to penetrate chain mail armor.
21 A point of an arrowhead that flows back behind the ferrule, preventing the head from being extracted easily.
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