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Athletes Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 Injuries in children can be caused by this factor
6 this type of exercise can assist in the resticting & strengthening of the bone
7 The process that allows the body to maintain its temperature
8 A condition resulting from lack of iron in the blood
9 one of the factors which contribute to a higher risk of female athletes during pregnancy
10 Lose of bone density & become brittle
14 Restricting food as an individual view's themselves as being overweight
17 Obesity levels are increasing the incidence of this type of (diabete) has increased
18 Type of exercise helps to maintain joint mobility
19 This type of exercise increases the bone density
1 this is responsible for muscle contractions, blood clotting etc
2 Mineral needed for the formation of red blood cells that carry oxygen to working muscles
3 A type of training combined with aerobic training can enhance a young athlete's sporting performance
5 Type of own weight training
11 A type of heart condition
12 To avoid overuse injuries, coaches must choose a selection of these appropriate to their ability
13 Injuries common in young dancers e.g. gymnasts & bowlers
15 Flexibility decreases due to this factor
16 Repetitive stress placed on a body part
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