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Badminton Crossword Puzzle

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              1       2                      
          5                   6              
  7                                 8        
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Across Down
4 If the server's score is even the server is on this side
5 Ends at 21 points
7 The type of feathers used in making the shuttle
8 If the shuttle is thrown over the net
10 If the shuttle is hit with two strikes on one side of the net
11 The side winning the rally shall add 1 point to its score
12 After winning a point, server must serve from this service court
14 You must this after each point scored after winning a point
17 The country that all of the gold medal winners of badminton from the 2012 olympics came from
18 How to decide who wins if tied at 20 or 29
19 Sometimes called a 'birdie'
1 This side serves first in the next game
2 What you hit the shuttle with
3 The men's gold medal badminton winner of the 2012 olympics
4 This person is who the server is serving to
5 Made up of 3 games
6 The all time leader for the most Olympic medals in badminton
9 If the server's score is odd then the server is on this side
13 Can be given for any unforseen or accidental occurence
15 One thing that a shuttle is traditionally made of
16 The place Canada's women's doubles team came in at the 2012 Summer olympics
20 How you decide who serves first
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