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Badminton Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
5 In doubles who hits the incoming serve
10 If shuttle lands outside the courts boundaries hit by you're team , this team gets the point.
11 Regulation game
14 Regulation match contains this amount of games.
15 A hit that is played from back boundary line over the net to long service line is called this.
18 A line that separates the players on the same side if they are playing in doubles
20 Players can not do this
21 Someone serving who goes to Long service line is called this.
1 In doubles people do what to the birdy to determine who gets the first serve.
2 To hit the birdy the player will use this
3 In doubles the player on the right serving must serve to this position on the opposite side of the net
4 something you wear to protect your eyes
6 Faults during play can include.The shuttle is clearly carried on the racquet or thrown over the net, this is called...
7 A serve has to make it past this line
8 If the birdy lands on any of the lines such as side line for doubles it is considered this.
9 A player can hit the birdy and it lands beyond the short service line, which is also called this
12 When the birdy goes beyond the back boundary line it is considered this
13 A player serving must say this before the serve goes into play.
16 The players that don't serve are doing this
17 Something you play Badminton with
19 Teams play on either sides of this
22 Players continuousnly playing back and forth
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