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Baking & Breads Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Baking & Breads

                            F           B                    
                            E       D   I           Q        
                            R       R   S           U        
                            M       O   C   B       I        
                            E       P   U   R       C U T I N
                            N       B   I   O       K        
                            T       I   T   W       M        
                    Q       A   G   S   M   N       I        
                    U       T   L   C   E   S       X        
                    I       I   U   U   T   U       M        
                    C       O   T   I   H   G       E   R    
              M     K   C O N V E N T I O N A L M E T H O D  
              U     B   O       N       D   R       H   L    
              F     R   N                           O   L    
              F   S E L F R I S I N G F L O U R     D   E    
              I     A   E                               D    
              N     D   C O M P R E S S E D Y E A S T   B    
              M         T                               I    
            L E A V E N I N G A G E N T                 S    
              T         O                               C    
              H       U N B L E A C H E D F L O U R     U    
              O         E                               I    
              D       G R A N U L A T E D S U G A R     T    
              K         S                                    
              N       Q U I C K R I S I N G Y E A S T        
    P         E     P   G                                    
    R         A     R   A C T I V E D R Y Y E A S T          
B L E A C H E D F L O U R               E       C            
    H     O         O                   A       O            
    E     T         F                   S       R            
    A     S         I                   T       E            
    T     P         N                   B                    
          O         G                   R                    
          T                             E                    
Across Down
6 mix solid fat & flour using a pastry blender or two knives & a cutting motion
11 mixing yeast dough by first dissolving yeast in warm water to activate growth
12 contains added baking powder & salt
13 combination of yeast and starch that comes in wrapped cakes that are perishable
14 triggers a chemical reaction that makes a baked product rise
15 has its natural color, less white than bleached, & doesn't have additives
16 refined sucrose crystals
18 works twice as fast as regular
21 partially dormant yeast contained in flour granules
24 chemically-treated to counteract the yellowish pigment & break down gluten
1 enzymes in yeast produce alcohols & carbon dioxide gas by breaking down carbohydrates
2 results in flaky layering & requires a fat to be 'cut in' to dry ingredients
3 biscuit made with more liquid in proportion to flour than a rolled biscuit
4 mixing yeast dough by combining dry yeast with dry ingredients & then with a liquid
5 granulated sugar coated in molasses
7 leavened by agents that allow speedy baking, such as air, steam, baking soda, & baking powder
8 elastic substance created when proteins in wheat flour combine with liquid
9 lightly kneaded, rolled out, & cut with biscuit cutter before baking
10 liquid ingredients are lightly mixed into dry ingredients to create a batter with a slightly coarse, lumpy yet tender texture
11 pulverized granulated sugar with added cornstarch
17 work dough with the hands to combine ingredients, release air pockets & develop gluten
19 turn on the oven before baking in order to achieve desired temperature for recipe
20 process by which you can test yeast
22 uses yeast as a leavening agent
23 make slashes about 1/2 inch deep across the top of the bread
25 area of concentrated heat that can cause uneven baking & browning
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