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Baking Roasting And Grilling Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Baking Roasting and Grilling

              R E S T           M        
                    R       P R O V I N G
                    U           D        
                C U S T A R D   I        
                    S           F        
              S     I     T     I        
            B A K I N G P O W D E R      
              L     G     P     D        
              T             H            
      C     B A T T I N G O U T          
  B   O       N             M            
S A L A M A N D E R   B A K I N G        
  S   T       P             D            
  T   I   K N E A D I N G   I            
  I   N       P             T R I V E T  
  N   G     S P I T         Y            
  G           E     B                    
          M A R I N A T I N G            
                    R       L            
                    D       A            
            S E A R I N G   Z            
            O       N       I            
            U       G       N            
            F               G            
Across Down
1 Meat should be left to do this for 15 minutes before carving. (4)
4 The period of time given to doughs and dough products to allow them to rise. (7)
5 A fruit crumble is traditionally served with this sauce. (7)
8 A chemical raising agent used to add air to mixtures. (6, 6)
11 Hitting cuts of meat with a meat hammer to give an even thickness and break down connective tissue before grilling. (7, 3)
13 Equipment used to grill under heat. (10)
14 A cooking method that uses dry heat in an oven. (6)
15 The process of working dough to develop the gluten. (8)
16 A base of vegetables placed under meat to prevent direct contact with the tray when roasting. (6)
17 Roasting can be carried out in an oven or on a ____. (4)
19 Pre-soaking or coating meat before grilling to help flavour and tenderise. (10)
21 Cooking the surface of meat, poultry or fish at high temperature until the surface of the food begins to caramelise. (7)
2 Using string or skewers to hold poultry or joints in shape and ensure an even cooking. (8)
3 Baked egg custard requires the heat in the oven to be ________. (8)
6 Ingredients commonly used to season meat, poultry and fish before roasting. (4, 3, 6)
7 The hottest shelf in a conventional oven. (3)
9 Injecting steam into an oven when baking will increase this. (8)
10 The process of applying a a crumb or crust to a baked item. (7)
12 Spooning the fat and cooking juices over the food during cooking to help keep the food moist. (7)
18 Adding a layer of fat to the surface of meat or poultry during roasting to keep the meat moist. (7)
20 Coting products with milk, water, egg-wash or syrup either before or after baking. (7)
21 This food will sink if the oven door is opened during baking. (7)
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