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Band Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 When you are ______ you pull out
4 the low sounding saxophone
6 Mr. Pettit's favorite color
8 An instrument with 88 keys that are usually black and white
9 The 1st president's first name
10 the saxophone between the baritone and the alto
11 an instrument named for its shape
13 to articulate a note with emphasis in music (greater than sign)
16 The capital of Indiana
17 tells you which accidentals to use
18 type of dogs Mr. Pettit has
19 The county we live in
22 the capital of the USA
23 piece of steel brass players buzz into
24 loud in music
26 Family of instruments that must be hit to make sound
29 piece of wood used by clarinets and saxes
1 The number of legs a spider has
2 family of instruments not typically in band (plural)
3 Largest brass instrument
4 drum spelled like a fish
5 Our mascot (plural)
7 The 16th president's last name
12 A staff has five of these and four spaces
14 Bass or treble sign at the beginning of a line of music
15 The numbers at the beginning of a line of music
20 baby flute
21 When you are _________ you push in
25 drum with wires on the bottom
26 The university down the street
27 circular flat sheet of steel in percussion
28 Our principal's name
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