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Basketball Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Basketball Terms

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Across Down
2 Often said by the defensive player who appears to have blocked the shot but instead is called for a foul.
4 The distance from which a player can consistently make shots.
5 The intersection of the free-throw line and middle of the circle.
6 This is when a ball-handler dribbles the ball across his body changing from right hand to left hand, or left hand to right hand. If done quickly enough, it may leave the defender off-balance, allowing the ball-handler to pass, shoot or drive.
9 When a player makes a move that causes the defender to stumble or fall.
10 Players who run on the 'wings' close to the sidelines on the fast break are 'filling the lanes'. By spreading out widely, it is harder for the opposing team to defend.
11 A jump shot taken while the player's body is moving away from the basket.
12 The rim or a made basket. A player who is having trouble scoring 'can't buy a _________'
14 This is when an offensive player has an advantage in size and/or speed versus his defender. In the NBA, teams try to exploit mismatches of size and speed.
15 When an offensive player drives to the basket, a teammate of the defender leaves his man to '______' cover the player with the ball.
16 The fast break that results from a rebound, turnover or change in possession.
18 It's called a slam 'xxxx'
19 A player who positions himself near the free-throw lane for a pass with his back to the basket and a defender behind him.
21 This area in front of the basket is also known as the 'key' or the 'lane'.
22 To go to the basket.
1 Refers to a player guilty of a three-second violation in the key.
3 To try for steals, though this often leaves the player out of place defensively.
7 A player who is very good at one particular skill, often shooting.
8 An aggressive rebounder.
13 The basketball. To 'protect the rock' is to be careful when handling the basketball.
15 If a player has a good '___________', he is a good ball-handler.
17 A player known for his ability to 'stop' players defensively. 'Stoppers' are known for their ability to 'shut down' their man.
20 When defensive players trade the players they are guarding on a pick-and-roll.
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