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Being Presbyterian Crossword Puzzle

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Being Presbyterian

                      1   2                    
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Across Down
3 The Presbyterian denomination to which FPC Franklin belongs (abbreviation)
5 The Presbyterian form of _____ is representative
6 The Presbyterian Church is a _____ church. We write down what we believe.
7 FPC Franklin is a member of the Presbytery of _____ (2 words)
8 A group of Presbyterian churches in the same geographic area (e.g. Presbytery of Middle Tennessee)
10 The highest governing body of the Presbyterian Church is the General ____
11 The Book of Confessions and the Book of Order
13 FPC Franklin is a member of the Synod of _____ (2 words)
15 The Presbyterian Church is a _____ church, working with all other Presbyterian churches to carry out God's work in the world
18 The head of the church
1 In this sacrament, water is the sign of God's forgiveness of sin and new life
2 The local governing body of a Presbyterian Church
4 Much of the church's work is done by these
5 The chief end of humankind is to _______ God forever (3 words)
9 At least 3 presbyteries in a geographic region
12 As reformed Christians, we believe in a 'priesthood of ____ believers'
14 Communion is one of two ____ in the Presbyterian Church
16 Officer in the Presbyterian Church (from the Greek, presbuteroi)
17 Presbyterians observe ____ sacraments
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