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Across Down
2 The Bible can be though of as a time capsule from who?
4 In Israel's slavery of Egypt, the Israelites escape under the leadership of whom?
6 The historical books describe the breakup of what nation?
7 True of False: Some of the early prophets were Samuel, Nathan, Elijah, and Elisha
8 The Book of Wisdom was meant to strengthen the faith of Israel and spoke about life after _______
9 The first five books of the Bible about Israel's story is called what?
10 What does 'Torah' mean?
11 The historical books tell of Israel's conquest of the land of _______
12 The Hebrews scriptures must have seemed like letters from where?
13 The five books Pantateuch are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and _______
14 The amount of books that the Catholic Canon of the Old Testament consist of _______ (two words)
17 The author of the Book of Ecclesiastes was a _______
18 Who refers to the Pantateuch books as 'Torah'?
19 The Book of Job esplores the problem of good versus _______
20 What is the list of books recognized as divinely insipired and thus the primary source and guide for religious belief and practice called?
21 True of False: Major prophets are short, minor prophets are long
1 The Pantateuch is called the _______ of the Old Testament (two words)
3 The 'Letters from home' took the form of how many types of writing?
5 What book was written to show that God had revealed true wisdom to Israel? The book of _______
9 Some Psalms were writtin for liturgival occasions, and others were written for what? (two words)
12 The Old Testament scriptures can be considered to be from _______ aspect
15 Pantateuch means _______ (two words)
16 What book is a collection of writing filled with practical advice about living ordinary life in the spirit of Godliness? The Book of _______
22 The Song of Song is a collection of what type of songs?
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