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Bill OF Rights Crossword Puzzle

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Bill of Rights

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Across Down
2 The seventh amendment deals with this type of trial, when someone sues another
3 In the U.S. the press is not subject to _______ restraint
4 16th amendment allowed for an income _______.
6 The right to vote
7 All people are _____ with certain rights
10 Jan. 20th is the _________ date.
12 amendment that says no unreasonable search or seizure
13 Thirteenth amendment abolished _________
14 Can't be taken away
15 Authorities can conduct a lawful search once they obtain a _________.
16 Group who supported and proposed the 16th-19th amendments
19 18th amendmendent brought ___________
20 1st amendment says the government may not _________ a religion
24 The 21st amendment _________ the 18th
25 19th amendment gave ______ the right to vote
26 Guarantees the right of a trial by jury
27 Says a person does not have to testify against himself in a court of law
28 22nd amendment was passed after this president was elected to 4 terms (initials)
29 23rd amendment gave citizens from ______ the right to vote
30 Freedom of the printed word
1 Third amendment was written in response to the British _______ Act
2 14th amendment made former slaves _________
5 Government may not ________ the free exercise of religion
8 First ten amendments to the Constitution
9 24th amendment outlawed the _____ tax
11 The 8th amendment protects against excessive __________.
17 26th amendment set the voting age at ________
18 Sixth amendment guarantees the right to a ______ and public trial
20 says no cruel or unusual punishment
21 17th amendment allows for the direct election of __________
22 the 9th and 10th amendment says that those rights not listed are _______ to the states
23 Amendment that says people have the right to keep and bear arms
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